5 Tricks for Transforming Your Crib Like a Hollywood Pro

You can improve the value of your home with a few home makeover additions.

For most people, their homes represent their largest investments. There are few methods of building wealth that can match home ownership. Fortunately, you can improve the value of your home with a few home makeover additions. Every penny you spend in your home is an investment that will eventually pay for itself. You can easily beautify your home and increase its value by following these helpful tips.

Addressing the Living Room

The living room isn’t the center of family life that it used to be, but it is the room where you entertain your guests. Therefore, it’s important to address the living room anytime you invest in a home makeover. According to Hilary Farr’s Rules of Renovation, the most notable aspect of the living room is the furniture so you should begin here. You don’t have to go out and buy a new room full of furniture, especially if you’ve recently bought a new living room set. However, you should consider changing the accessories to better match the new furniture.

Nothing lightens up a room like a new set of lamps. Best of all, you can get them from a used furniture store for a very reasonable price. Take pictures of your furniture to compare to the color in the lamps as you shop. If you don’t have any small living room tables, feel free to get them from the used furniture store as well. If your furniture is worn, you can have it cleaned and upholstered to save a few pennies on your makeover.

The Throne Room

The bathroom probably gets more traffic than any other room in the house. It’s impossible to impress your guests if your toilets are messy. Fortunately, you can easily beautify your bathroom without breaking the bank. Consider a fading color theme and change all the accessories in the bathroom. A fading theme consists of three colors that gently blend. You can use black, grey and white to create this effect or red pink and white. And while this may be a hard sell, you have got to get a Japanese toilet. You only need to change a few accessories to make the bathroom look like that of a true star.

The Master Bedroom

This is also a natural fix if you don’t have a lot to spend. You can also apply the fading color theme in the bedroom, especially if you have carpet. Use colors that blend well with the carpet when you replace the comforters and the lamps on the nightstands. If the carpet is red, use white and pink accessories to bring it all together. You should also consider replacing the television with a larger model if it’s within your budget. If you want to truly live like a star, you should also upgrade to a booming surround sound system.

Custom Cabinetry In the Kitchen

This is one of the busiest rooms in the home and one of the first rooms interested buyers want to see. Fortunately, the entire appearance can be upgraded by simply adding a new set of cabinets. This is especially true if you use a color that contrasts the old cabinets. People used to seeing white cabinets will notice a black custom cabinetry set. Fortunately, replacing the cabinets is one of the most straightforward DIY projects, and new cabinets are very affordable.

Your home is your palace. It should be not only a place of safety but also a place of comfort and style. These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing and your nesting instinct activated. Whatever you end up doing, make sure it reflects your tastes and sense of style. After all, your crib is an extension of yourself.

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