Ultimate Guide to Creating a Man Cave

Turning a free room into your ideal man cave can be a fantastic way to get some much-needed space to relax. We have compiled a handy guide to help create the perfect man cave for you!
Sofas in a man cave


No matter what style you decide to make your space, there are a few things that must be considered before you get started! First things first is insulation, which is essential if you are converting a space that hasn’t been lived in before, such as a garage, shed, basement or loft. This will ensure that the room will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, as well as acting as a form of soundproofing. It is also a good idea to install soundproofing insulation in basements and lofts, especially if you intend to use your new man cave to play music, or watch the footie or a movie on the flat screen, as this will ensure your neighbours or other people in the house won’t get annoyed by the new sounds! If you have made up your mind to convert your lofts professionally, do check out visionarylofts.co.uk.

The preparation stage is also the time to think about the extra features you will want in the room, such as a mini fridge, lighting or a sound system, that may require a bit of work from an electrician to add in new wiring and plugs, for example.

If you are a cigar aficionado or smoker and would like to be able to enjoy the habit in this new space, then you could also look to getting a smoke ventilation system in place, such as a window fan or smoke eater. You could also take the opportunity to build a larger humidor for keeping your collection of cigars in pristine condition!

Style and Design

Whether you want to use the space to gather with friends and watch a movie, or just to sit back and relax alone with a tumbler of whiskey, the room should remain, representative of your personality, showing through in the color choices and style. Finding the optimum balance between functionality, comfort, and style can prove a little tricky, especially if you’re not particularly aware of home trends. As many men often feel a little unsure when it comes to matters of interior design, it can be easier to opt for a classic or minimalistic look.

For the past few years, Minimalism has continued to be a strong design choice, allowing you to keep things clean and simple. Picking a more minimalistic design means that you won’t have to worry about a lot of the little details, such as matching patterns and colors of décor and furniture, as the plain and simple colors and designs eliminate these issues. However, this can equally throw out some problems, as you can risk ending up with a room looking a bit too much like an office! This can be fixed by making sure you have a pop of color and personality through something like a small rug or piece of art on the wall.

If the classic style is more your cup of tea, then having a more traditional design can make for a very cozy spot to relax. Pair comfy and stylish sofas with dark brown furniture and navy blue accents, such as pillows and throws, for a classy look. Position the sofas to face the television or main feature of the room and chill out!

Alternatively, if you would rather something a little different, then an industrial style space can work well and has increased in popularity in recent years. This will work especially well if you are converting a basement space. You may refer to this guide about basement remodeling for a more in-depth information of the matter.  Make use of bare brick walls and dress them up with distressed wooden furniture and details. Light it all up with old-fashioned filament bulbs for a chic flair. Add in some antiques and leather armchairs for a cozy spot to read, write or relax.

Essential Items

Whatever design you may settle on, there are a number of items that are crucial for making your man cave truly a man cave! While you don’t have to have every single one (as they most likely wouldn’t all fit), these items are what will make your room extra special!

When thinking of what you would like to include, you’ll probably think about tech items first, such as a TV, complete with game consoles, a sound system or a computer or laptop. These can be the focal points of the room, or simply just bonus features of the man cave if you’d rather turn the space into more of a bar area.

If you’re into drinking, then adding in a home bar is the next logical step in your man cave design. Whether this is a full-blown bar complete with stools, refrigerated cabinets and more bottles of alcohol than you can imagine or simply a drinks trolley or cabinet is completely up to you (and the space and budget you have available, of course!). Having a home bar in your man cave will give you the chance to have a relaxing drink in the evening, and the perfect space to entertain when you have guests around.

Lastly, if there is any space remaining in your man cave, then it gives you the opportunity to buy something fun! If you’re going with a bar theme, then a poker or pool table can be a great addition, while if you’re more into gaming, then a retro arcade game or foosball table can be perfect. Too much stuff in the room already? Pop a dart board up on any spare wall space for a similarly fun effect!

What would you put in your dream man cave? Let us know in the comments below!

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