Jack In The Box Customer Tells Cashier to Buy ‘Ticket Back to Mexico’

TUT Staff

May has been quite a busy for racist rants getting exposed on social media. Just two weeks after New York City attorney Aaron Schlossberg, exploded on a restaurant worker for speaking Spanish, a middle-aged Houston man showed his true colors when he told a Jack in the Box employee to pack her bags for Mexico after she rejected a coupon his son wanted to use.

In a recording that was shot by a woman who was present at the Highway 6 and 288 fast food joint on Saturday (May 26), the man in question could be heard alerting the cashier that he was about to get her fired. Moments prior, his son had reportedly presented a promotional deal for a free burger that she could not verify. The fact that she would turn his boy down prompted the man to storm inside and get up in her face.


“Buy a bus ticket back wherever you came from. We came to order here. She told my son no. She lied her a** off,” he is heard, before adding that he was convinced she did so simply because she thought she could “get away with it.”

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The recording, which has been shared by thousands of people on social media, was shared by a woman who says she didn’t intervene at the moment out of fear that a dispute could get out of hand in front of her 9-year-old daughter. But she admits that as a Hispanic woman herself, she was highly offended by the exchange.