Folk Duo Colin and Caroline Let Love shine

August is romance awareness month! For those who thought that spreading love was only restricted to February 14,…

August is romance awareness month! For those who thought that spreading love was only restricted to February 14, that sentence may raise your eyebrows. Despite both months being known as the “love months”, many people strongly believe that spreading the love on a daily basis is what matters most. Among those are Folk duo and couple, Colin Healy and Caroline Mauck. Both born and bred in Richmond, Virginia, Colin & Caroline’s love for music and each other started early. The high school friends turned sweethearts began collaborating on covers, which eventually evolved into duets.

Both rich in vocal and musical talent, the two pursued their careers in diverse directions until fate brought them together again in their hometown. The rest, as they say, is history.

Fast forward to the present day: Many of this dynamic duo’s songs have been featured on a plethora of platforms including Netflix’s original series 13 Reasons Why, which featured their original song,”More Than Gravity”. Released on July 27, 2018, their 5-song EP Wish I Was has generated tons of social media buzz which continues to grow as we speak.

With the heartwarming and melodic “When You Love Someone”, a song that speaks of the sacrifices that need to be made to uphold a loving and lasting relationship, Colin & Caroline aims to eternally keep love’s light shining. To assist with their love quest, the happy couple has launched the #LoveSomeoneProject, a movement to aid people in spreading the love with writing a few words about why they love someone. This movement could either enhance the brightest inferno or put that eternal spark back into a flickering flame. Colin & Caroline both realize that loving someone includes understanding, and protecting each other’s heart space as a cherished treasure. The #LoveSomeoneProject involves tagging someone you love & 3 other friends to help spread love.

Don’t just sit there, join in! Click here for more details!

It seems as if this power couple doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. To keep up with future projects of Colin and Caroline, and for more information on the #LoveSomeoneProject, visit their website at

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