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White Man Claims to Be “Born Again African,” Gets $500K P.O.C. Grant


A white man born to white Irish parents is coming under fire for claiming he’s “born again African” and being one of four people who won a paid traineeship as a “theatre practitioner of color” for $500,00 last year.

Anthony Ekundayo Lennon has worked on all-black theater productions in the past and applied for the grant as a person of “mixed heritage” and adding that he had “gone through the struggles of a black man.” Lennon’s appearance has led many to believe he is a biracial man, which he says has led to being on the receiving end of racial slurs.


The situation has been heavily compared to Rachel Dolezal, a white Oregon woman who passed herself off as a black woman for years before she was outed.

Lennon has yet to respond to the situation.

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