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The new season of the NBA has begun, and the main intrigue is the fight for the world championship title.

The new season of the NBA has begun, and the main intrigue is the fight for the world championship title. It is impossible to get over such a long and intense distance without defeat, so we can expect to see many interesting confrontations, which will determine the fate of the prestigious trophy.

The previous season, the Golden State was much stronger than its rivals. The result of this is another championship title for them. And except for the games against Houston, the Warriors had no problems with any team in the playoffs, sweeping everyone else 4-0.

Of course, this time it will not be a pleasant walk to the title. Firstly, the rest of the league has managed to study Golden State’s style well, and secondly, the motivation of the Warriors is no longer the same.

Because even the previous season the team occasionally didnt look quite motivated. At the website of sports statistics, you can always find basketball scores, because it has a whole section devoted to them.

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Factors Of Next WarriorsWin

However, despite the shortcomings, it is the Warriors who are the main favorites of the current season. The team has the following advantages:

  1. Best lineup in the league. No other coach in the world has such a choice of players, which allows the GSW coach to make quick adjustments depending on the development of events on the floor.
  2. Excellent teamwork. The professionals, gathered here, play with each other for several years, which positively affect the results.
  3. Capability to utilize the mistakes of rivals. Its enough to recall the games against Houston. When it seemed that the Rocket was about to get into the next stage of the competition, the Golden State managed to change the course of the game and act proactively.

The current season will test the clubs potential since many competitors have become much stronger. This will have to be taken into account by the head coach of the team, who will have to find the right motivation for his players to fight for the next title.

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