Consequences of a Failure to Check People Before They Work For You

Recruitment within your business is something which you should always invest a great deal of time and energy into, in order to get the very best people for your company.

Recruitment within your business is something which you should always invest a great deal of time and energy into, in order to get the very best people for your company. Recruitment, however, goes much further than this and beyond just getting the right person for the job, you must ensure that you rigorously check people before they come to work for you. Lying on a resume about the qualifications which one may have is one thing but just think that if someone can get away with a white lie like this, what more could they get away with. If you fail to check people, here are just some of the consequences which could happen to your business.

Bad Press

The last thing that you and your business needs is bad press, especially if you are trying to grow a brand. Let’s say for example that you have hired someone who has committed a very heinous crime in the past, one which they didn’t tell you about. Should that truth come out at a later date whilst you are trying to build a positive image for your business, you can guarantee that you will instantly lose market share and damage your reputation for a very long time to come. There is nothing the matter with hiring convicted felons if they are open and honest, but there are some crimes which can do great damage to your company.


Corporate espionage is something that we have seen for years and you may very well end up hiring someone who has been sent by the competition. If this happens then you could easily find yourself with a security breach as that person starts to share sensitive information and even bring disrepute to the company in an effort to cause lasting damage. This may sound far-fetched or something that you only see in the movies, but it really does happen. A simple example to show you that this happens at a lower level is when a competitor leaves a negative review about your business on Google, a very easy attack and one which can damage your credentials, now what is to stop them from going one further and placing a mole in your business?


A recent refund scam was discovered at one of the most popular high street stores in the US, and each person that was involved had a history of scamming their employers. Now had this company done a simple check on their new employees, they would have seen straight away that these young men and women had previous offenses and they could have rejected them straight away, saving themselves the money and the embarrassment of what happened. Theft from inside is more popular than from the public, so you must be absolutely on your guard when hiring people.

If you need any information on checking people out, go to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website where there is plenty of info.

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