How to play Sky Super 6


Taking place on a weekly basis, the Sky Super 6 is a free-to-play game where you could take somewhere between £250,000 and £1 million based on the correct prediction of six final scores in six football fixtures chosen by Sky Bet. With so much money on the line in terms of the jackpot, it’s worth getting involved with at every possible opportunity, accounting for every weekend round as well as each surprise midweek entry.

Finding Super 6 on the Sky Bet website or mobile app


There are several different ways to enter and select your Super 6 predictions on Sky Bet. Most punters will actively do this on the Sky Bet app, where there’s always a link to the website or to the dedicated Sky Super 6 app. It’s not the sort of thing that’s hidden away – allowing anyone and everyone to take part – and it’s even easier to use with it being something that you can enter on your mobile device, desktop computer, or anywhere else that you can access the internet.

Choosing your Super 6 predictions

Upon finding the Sky Super 6 app or website, it’s easy to navigate the page and enter your Super 6 prediction. If you do get lost, there tends to be a ‘Play Super 6’ tab, which takes you directly to where you choose your selections. It’s here that you’ll find six football fixtures, leaving it down to you over what you predict the final score will be for all six matches, with the scoreline limit being as high as 30-30 in any of the fixtures.

If you’re struggling for what you want your entry to be, you can always refer to a football betting tips website, with some providing their own Sky Super 6 tips for the upcoming round. This isn’t something that you’ll find on every website, but by simply googling ‘Super 6 tips’, you should be able to find a couple of websites that offer some insight into what’s worth including in your prediction.


Your Golden Goal prediction

Before you’re able to submit your current entry for the Sky Super 6, there’s one more thing that you must do to avoid your entry being disregarded. This is the Golden Goal prediction, which appears at the end of every single Super 6 round. It works as a tie-breaker in the instance where two players are able to be 100% correct with their prediction, where it will be used to judge the definite winner over the current round. The Golden Goal prediction is an empty box where you need to choose a number at random, working as the time of the opening goal from all six football fixtures.

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