A Leo’s Guide To Dating

Every star sign has its own dating quirks, but for Leo ladies and gents, dating actually tends to go more smoothly than for most other star signs.

Every star sign has its own dating quirks, but for Leo ladies and gents, dating actually tends to go more smoothly than for most other star signs. That’s because Leos are expert entertainers, especially on first dates. That doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing, though. After that first date, Leos don’t waste time. If you want a second date, here’s what you need to know.

Make Her The Star

Leo women are all about positivity and praise, but they become jealous easily. Luckily, Leo men can balance this need and will shower their partners with attention. To be a leading man in her love story, though, Leo men need to focus on one woman. With such a magnetic personality, it’s easy to want to share the love, but stay loyal and make your lady the star.

Keep It Moving

Wondering why your Leo lady hasn’t texted you back? The fact is, Leo women will not lead you on, so if she isn’t reaching out in return, it’s over. While some signs tend toward the thrill of the chase, these ladies aren’t into that game. Of course, if you think she might just be busy or missed your message, you can always look for other signs. Check your Leo love horoscope today and see what’s in the stars. Maybe this is your moment playing out in slow motion – just don’t linger too long.

Show Your Emotions

It’s a lot to ask of anyone that they display genuine vulnerability on a first date, but remember what we said about not wasting time? Well, if you’re only going to get one audition for the role of partner, you need to be open about your feelings from the beginning. Leo women are naturally forthright in this regard, but men often have a tougher time. You don’t have to bare it all, but your partner wants emotional reciprocity, not just shallow entertainment. At the very least, offer up honest, thoughtful responses to her shared intimacies.

The Mixed-Up Couple

We’ve been talking about Leo interactions, but of course, most Leos don’t date other Leos. No, most likely you’re in a mixed sign relationship, and that comes with its own challenges. To make these work, then, you need to play your cards carefully and look at potential conflicts. Leo plus Pisces, for example, is a classic fire meets water situation, and that’s not always easy to handle. Leos typically make for a better match with fellow fire signs like Gemini, Aries, and Sagittarius; fire doesn’t want to be stifled, but wants to heat things up further.

The Single Leo

Finally, if you’re a single Leo looking for love, you need to put yourself out there. Leos are adventurous, whether that means exploring the party scene or the athletic field, and you’re most likely to find a match while doing something you love. Plus, when you meet through a mutual hobby or interest, you’ll already have a meaningful connection, so you can drop the act and get real. Now, are you ready to get out there?

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