Reasons Your Crush Doesn’t Text Back

Long gone are the days when people used to meet and talk in person with the one they liked.

Long gone are the days when people used to meet and talk in person with the one they liked. Thanks to the introduction of mobile phones, texting is now a part of the dating game. According to a survey, about 66% of U.S. singles used dating sites to look for their partners and a large number of people even succeeded in doing so.

With 66% of people solely communicating through text messages, it is common to wonder why someone wouldn’t text you back. A lot of us gather the courage to text our crush, but only to get no response in return.

This can break hearts and crush egos, and many of us end up wondering why such a thing happened in the first place. To help you in this regard, given below are some of the most common reasons why someone might not respond to your text.

They Are Interested in Someone Else

If you stop getting a text back then it could mean that there is someone else in the picture. Maybe your crush found someone more interesting and hence does not feel like responding to you.

If you feel such then you should take a backseat instead of making a mockery of yourself.

They Might Just Be Busy

Understand that people are busy and might not be able to respond right away, even if they get to see the message.

Many reports say that texting makes people frustrated and anxious, especially the ability to see when someone last came online. You want to see a response just as you see them online or when the dreaded blue tick appears, but that does not always happen.

Understand that sometimes people are just busy. They might be around someone and hence not able to respond to you right away.

Learn to be patient and give them some time.

You Said Something Wrong

You might have said something that may have put them off. Whether it was your opinion about your ex or something else, using the wrong words can often lead to silence from the other side.

If such is the case then make sure to do some damage control but always choose your words carefully. This is all that matters when it comes to texting.

There Might Be an Emergency

If someone suddenly stopped responding to you – especially in the middle of a conversation – then it might be due to an emergency. You should not lose your calm and must allow the other person some time to get back to you.

They Are Just Not Into You

If you’re not getting a reply then probably it’s because they aren’t attracted to you. You should just accept it and move on instead of feeling low or bad about yourself.

It is okay to not receive a response. Instead of worrying about it, move on to something or someone better.

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