How to ensure that you Stay Safe when you Travel to Morocco

Morocco is among the most popular travel destinations for a lot of people.

Morocco is among the most popular travel destinations for a lot of people. Lying in North Africa and on the banks of the Atlantic Ocean, it is steeped in rich history. Filled with beautiful gardens, towering mosques and a large number of historical landmarks, it’s certainly a country which should be high up on your bucket list. It’s really not to be missed out on, but you need to be careful all the same. As is the same with a lot of countries nowadays, there can be a lot of dangerous scenarios and you need to make sure you avoid these. Don’t worry, though; as long as you stick to the rules and put your safety concerns first, there’s no reason why you can’t have a pleasant and enjoyable trip. That’s why we’re here with our guide on staying safe when you travel to Morocco. 

A common piece of advice given to ensure safety when travelling to Morocco is to never walk alone at night. This is particularly the case for women, but everyone should be careful. You are much more likely to be approached by criminals at night, when visibility is at its lowest and people’s guards are low. The chances of this happening only increase if you are on your own, so make sure to travel in groups after darkness falls. If you’re travelling by yourself, try to avoid any quiet areas after dark and instead stick to busy main streets. If you live somewhere a bit out of the way, try to get home nice and early or make sure you have a safe route home. 

You should also try to avoid wearing jewellery at all times. Although serious crimes are uncommon in Morocco, pick-pocketing is among the most committed crimes and this is much more likely to happen to you if you display bright, expensive looking jewellery. Thieves will be more attracted to you, will be more likely to tail you and you are therefore more likely to have something stolen from you. 

Morocco is also a very conservative country, so any revealing clothes are frowned upon. Stick to clothes which cover most of your body, particularly your arms, legs and shoulders. This will prevent you from getting any unwanted attention, allowing you to go about your travels peacefully and hassle-free. You might have to invest in some baggy clothes, or at least clothes which will let air circulate your body with ease. It’s a very hot country, after all. 

Make sure you negotiate any costs for activities before they begin, as well. Whether it’s a guided tour or simply a taxi home, make sure you know how much it’ll cost before it begins. This will avoid you getting into a spot of bother at the end where you are asked for a rather large sum of money and can’t afford it, so make sure you sort all this out prior to any dealings with the locals. 

Morocco is a beautiful place to visit, and as long as you keep your eye out for any dodgy dealings then you should be safe for the most part. 

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