Ja Rule Off The Hook In Fyre Fest Lawsuits


It looks like Ja Rule is officially off the hook in the big Fyre Festival case…for now.

A civil suit was filed against the rapper by ticket holders who paid between $400 and $1,000 to attend the big 2017 event and felt that they were mislead or lied to.


However, according to the latest updates by Page Six, a federal judge in Manhattan ruled that the rapper can be dismissed from the suit over the failed festival for which Ja Rule served as a promoter.

Despite expressing how they were bamboozled by the rapper, the festival organizer Billy McFarland and more, Judge P. Kevin Castel ruled on Wednesday that the aggrieved attendees did not meet the legal standard to bring fraud claims against Ja Rule and another defendant, Grant Margolin, the festival’s chief marketing officer.

Ja Rule is “not alleged to have known of individual ticket or merchandise sales,” the judge said.

“In December 2016 he posted on his personal Twitter account that the Festival would be ‘FOMO – inducing’ and one thousand times better than Coachella. These statements have been found to be no while than puffery,” Page Six quotes.


Now, while Castel dismissed all claims in the suit, he did give the plaintiffs a three-week window to come forward with new evidence to re-file a fraud claim against the rapper.

“Mr. Atkins is thankful for today’s ruling and for the Court’s time and attention,” said Ryan Smith, Ja Rule’s attorney. “Justice was done today.”

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