Beyonce Allegedly Snubs Kenyan Artists on ‘Lion King’ Album

The Gift is not being well received by Kenyan musicians as prominent group "Them Mushrooms" claimed to be dismissed from album.

Is the #BeyHive ready for war?

It would seem that Beyonce has manage to ruffle some Kenyan feathers with here African inspired release for the Lion King soundtrack. John Katana, the lead singer of Chakacha Kenyan Band, “Them Mushrooms” said that the “album is a slap to the face and a damn shame!”.

According to TMZ, the singer claims that Bey’s love letter to Africa excluded a huge group of Kenyan-born musical influencers. The blame also fell on Disney for the snub, while many other artist from different parts of the continent were brought on to participate in the project.

It is well-known that the 94 original, and the 2019 remake are based off the scenery and landscape of Kenya, on top off the “Hakuna Matata” phrase being made famous by Them Mushrooms. The omission was a surprise to many natives and outrage has sparked against Queen Bey and Disney.

Stay Tuned to for further news.

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