1ST BASE RUNNER’s Album ‘seven years of silence’ Is For All The Emo Kids [LISTEN]

Let’s. Get. Emo!

1ST BASE RUNNER’s latest album, seven years of silence, starts off with the ominous yet mellow track “Break Even.” The 8-track album continues with similar vibes in “Only One” before picking up a bit with a very enjoyable bop “All Thoughts.” The song will have you bouncing and nodding your head before you realize the song is a bit dark (no surprises there though, right?)

“Wake me up girl, ’cause I can’t feel my face and I’m trying to be your limbs again / Wake me up God, ’cause I can’t feel my legs and I’m falling down again,” he sings.

The fourth song takes an interesting turn as it only has one line: “I can’t find no word to escape.” The simplicity of the song brings a nice break from the track—and sometimes one mantra is all you need to convey a feeling. The song especially works as the music varies and each time he says the line, it’s said with a different emotion. Sometimes it sounds sad, sometimes angry, sometimes hopeful.

Another standout song is “Ocean,” a slow, ominous song with another seemingly dark message: “All my dreams were your dreams but / I gave up what I held onto / as we slid out into the ocean / both my legs were washed out from me / and I forgot how to swim / but I knew I was drifting further out / I could not run,” he sings.

Overall the album is a good listen for anyone who’s a fan of Radiohead.

Stream the album below.

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