Video Captures Raw Chicken Breast Crawling Off Restaurant Table


Video captured the terrifying moment that a piece of raw chicken began to twitch and crawl off of a restaurant table.

The chicken initially begins to twitch before picking itself up off of the dinner plate. It then crawls off the table and falls on the floor. Witnesses can be heard screaming in the background at the horrific sight.


The footage was shared on Facebook by a Florida woman named Rie Phillips. The location of the establishment is not clear, but by the looks of the other cuisine, it could be a Japanese, Chinese or Korean restaurant.

The video has since gained millions of views with many commenting on why the chicken was trying to make an escape.

“Usually because the meat is so fresh the muscles can still move,” one person commented. “it was so fresh that some of the muscles are still firing off signals.”

Apparently, chickens can survive for a few days without a head. Interesting.

TUT Staff
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