Tatiana Kukanova: Biggest Challenges of Working Online

TUT Staff

The idea of working online is something that many people love, myself included, and I am always inspired by my friend Tatiana Kukanova who has a very successful online business. Although this does look like a dream lifestyle choice, it isn’t without its challenges and whenever I speak to Tatiana Kukanova she will remind me of the difficulties of this type of work. There are of course positives and negatives to every line of work, but many believe that an online position is far more positive the negative. To help you understand a little more about what this is like, here are the biggest challenges which Tatiana faces on a daily basis. 



One of the biggest issues which Tatiana has found since working online is the same struggle which many self-employed people have, and that is the spontaneity of how and when they are paid. This means that Tatiana needs to be incredibly well planned and prepared when it comes to her finances because she often doesn’t know how much money she will make from one month to the next. This is a challenge of course but the positive side of it is that this keeps Tatiana hungry and working towards success every single month. 


It may sound slightly frivolous but one thing which Tatiana has struggled with since she began working online is the conversation which she misses out on from her teammates. If you work in an office then you’ll know just how important the gossip is and it can be difficult when you no longer have that each day. It is not just about the gossip but also helping you to deal with tough times. Tatiana has nobody other than her friends to talk to about any concerns she has or things that she is going through and I know that the lack of seeing colleagues each day is something which doesn’t help in this regard. 


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Many think that working online must be the perfect way to work and that you can work from anywhere in the world, which is true. With this being said however it can be difficult to justify spending money every day in a cafe, especially when you can stay at home and work. Unfortunately the last thing which you want is to turn your home, the place where you relax, into your workspace and Tatiana often says that she gets tired of looking at the same four walls every day. Even when she takes a vacation it can be hard to switch off and whilst many are off on the beach or out having fun, Tatiana is stuck inside the hotel getting work done. 

This type of lifestyle has a huge array of benefits of course but it is important to understand the side of the job which isn’t quite so good. Tatiana loves her job but it isn’t without its challenges.