TV Land Vibes: Booch Band’s “Standing In Your Light”

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Led by musician, singer, songwriter, composer, producer, and acoustician Leroy Bocchieri, the Booch Band aims to keep summer’s heat rising with “Standing In Your Light”. Offering exposure and advocacy for phone addiction awareness, the upbeat, and John Richardson produced pop/rock tune also features Kevin Gastinguay on both the organ and piano. It’s melodic content mirrors that of a catchy theme song to any current popular television show. Debuting on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music on August 12, 2019, “Standing In Your Light” aims to please across the boarder.

“Standing in your Light” has a few parallel messages. For starters, it is an affirmation of the enlightenment that a bright, positive person can bring into ones life, if you let it happen,” Bocchieri says. “Also, it is a message steeped in belief, and the knowing that if you live in God’s word, He will shine positive light into all you do, and all that happens to you.”


“The music video portrays a message of an issue with all people these days that are cutting themselves off with their screens,( i.e. phones, computers, video games, etc) and how taking a break from it is the light that we really need”.

Receiving his first Sears Silvertone guitar at age 8, Chicago’s own Boccheri began his career playing in cover bands throughout his school days for weddings, parties, and dances among others. His first release came after he met Jeff Murphy of power pop band the Shoes. After being invited by Murphy to record at his band’s legendary Short Order Recorder Studio in Zion Illinois. This resulted the release of his first single, “Shadow of a Doubt”. Soonafter, a deal in Europe followed with the single, Holdja Closa” from his first full album titled Electric.

The fun, pop tune still appears on karaoke collections, and has been covered by numerous bands. It’s accompanying video garnered international airplay; as well as, heavy exposure on MTV Europe. With a plethora music composer credits under his belt including the Hallmark Channel’s Sunday Dinner, Indie Slasher Film Hunting Humans and Good Night America, Boccheri continues to build his repertoire daily. Along with his former band Big Dog, Bocchieri also contributed his talents to the Olympics, McDonald’s, Allstate, and Duck Dynasty. His light spirited instrumental “Holy Pow”, even appears on Jerry Seinfeld’s Netflix show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Before forming the Booch Band in 2015, Bocchieri, also fronted two other bands Leroy from 1984-1989 and Day One from 1990-2000. With penning his original song “Heart is Always Home” for a 2020 reboot of Pinocchio on the horizon,the future looks pretty bright for Bocchieri. “Going forward, I hope to further propagate my music and its’ message further through the method of syncing my music with all forms of media”.

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