Kickstarter is Allegedly Union Busting and What Does That Mean for You?


Kickstarter, one of the largest Crowdfunding platforms in the world has been under fire recently due to some controversy surrounding employees attempting to unionize.

On September 12th, a now-former employee, tweeted “this morning, after six years of pouring my life into the mission, the staff, and the creators of @kickstarter, I was fired for organizing a union. They offered me no real reasons, but one month’s severance for signing an NDA. I will not be signing it.”


Others were quick to chime in with their opinions and similar stories from the Crowdfunding giant Kickstarter.

These union-busting tactics are illegal and arguably morally wrong. However, we do see this fairly often from larger companies. Unions are meant to protect employees from actions such as twitter user @taylordotbiz has now experienced.

When problems like this happen many users start to search out for alternatives because they don’t want to support companies who treat their hardworking employees in this manner.


If you’ll remember from one of our previous articles we talked about one of the strong up-and-coming Crowdfunding Platforms for small businesses, Inventrify.

If you’re looking to find a crowdfunding platform alternative that has a strong chance of overtaking some of the giants in this arena we encourage you to check out Inventrify and begin your crowdfunding journey with them.

They work in a very similar manner to how other platforms such as GoFundMe and Kickstarter do, but they are a lot more community-oriented. Their CEO Brandon Brooks is someone I’ve had to pleasure of meeting with personally and is a great person with an amazing vision.

Crowdfunding is an amazing tool to utilize in today’s age, however, we want to be able to support a company that treats their employees well. With Kickstarter doing these Union Busting tactics, we will be sending more people over to Inventrify, where we know the employees are treated well and the customers are always taken care of.

Brennen Jones
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