Learn About Cardi B’s Incredible Car Collection

Cardi B came from the Bronx and knew financial hardship, but she now she raps about money and uses her own cold, hard cash to feed her luxury car habit.

Cardi B  came from the Bronx and knew financial hardship, but she now she raps about money and uses her own cold, hard cash to feed her luxury car habit. What’s funny about the whole thing is the fact that Cardi B can’t actually drive. She buys some gorgeous vehicles and then takes pics of herself sitting in them, and she makes no apologies for buying the pricey status symbols just for show. Until the  famous hip-hop star gets her driver’s license, she’ll be using these amazing vehicles as attractive selfie backdrops, rather than testing their mettle out on the city streets and highways. Maybe Offset drives her around so she can get a sense of the speed, luxury and power that these autos deliver.

Cardi loves her Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet

This tricked-out G Wagon really suits  Cardi B’s outlandish style, and it’s as luxurious as a G Wagon gets. Known for its city chic and its off-road power, this fashionable ride is beyond exclusive. Cardi’s Mercedes-Maybach G650 Laundaulet is part of the G-Class of vehicles, but the rich and famous also love  C-Class and E-Class autos from Mercedes-Benz. The C and E Classes come in sedan, coupe and convertible configurations. They aren’t “off-roaders” like the G650 Laundaulet. If you’re into G-Class and you want your vehicle opulent, you may want to buy your own G650, if you can afford it, and that’s a big if. The Landaulet features a V-12 engine and a folding top that retracts to reveal the sky overhead. This pricey off-road vehicle is always ready for adventure, but is just as likely to be driven to Starbucks, Whole Foods or Nobu.

A Rolls-Royce Cullinan is meant to impress

Cardi has a taste for luxury SUVs that are large enough for chauffeurs, glam squads and baby Kulture in a car seat. When she purchased the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, she accessed spacious comfort, performance and power. This is another V-12 beast, and it has an 8-speed transmission, plus the capacity to handle some of the world’s harshest terrain. Like the G650, this SUV can perform off-road. The interior is as sumptuous as you might expect, with butter-soft leather and burled wood galore. For someone like Cardi B, who grew up with working-class parents and had to  claw her way to the top, the car is definitely a symbol of success.   

Cardi’s Bugatti Chiron is the bomb

The Bugatti Chiron isn’t a luxury SUV like a lot of Cardi B’s vehicles. It’s a real sports car, which might be better described as a wildly glamorous supercar. Powerful, fast and exclusive, this car holds just two people, and it is manufactured in France. These luxury cars have been produced since 2016, and the first run of two hundred Chirons produced sold out immediately, even though they cost millions of dollars apiece. If you’ve got millions of dollars that you don’t need for basic expenses, a Bugatti Chiron may be right for you.

Cardi B has come a long way, and she wants to show her success. That’s why she buys these cars that she isn’t able to drive. She grew up riding the train, so she needs expert instruction before she takes these awesomely powerful cars out for a spin.

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