J’Adore Mathilde Dehaye

Mathilde was raised in a multicultural environment, surrounded by her Russian grandfather, German grandmother, and Belgian parents.

Mathilde Dehaye is an actress widely known for her role in Hulu’s ‘Castle Rock’ season 2 as Amity, which means a friendly relationship. The show is based on Stephen King’s villain Annie Wilkes and the town of Castle Rock, which was once called Jerusalem Lot.

Episode 7 featured Mathilde Dehaye as Amity and just like the character’s storyline, the actress acting wowed me, that she became my obsession outside the show. The series has an all-star female cast, one of which is Lizzy Caplan and the guest stars are just as phenomenal another being Sarah Gordon who was in episodes 5 and 6.

What is the story behind you landing the role as ‘Amity’ on Castle Rock Season 2?

I am still trying to figure it out myself. (laughs)

Oh well, that story isn’t a very thrilling one compared to the one of the actual show itself! But then again, who can compete with that sort of plot, right?! I basically auditioned for season 1 thanks to my agent at the time who had submitted me for the casting back in November 2017. I got lucky to be invited to audition, then even luckier to land the part.

So I first worked on season 1, to then be brought back to shoot for season 2. Nothing mind-blowing. No big reveal like the one of the Kid everybody died over, I’ll admit, I am sorry. (laughs)

What’s your next move with acting, writing, and producing?

Acting is my number one priority out of these three, of course. My next move with it though?

Well, well, well… We shall sooner than later see clearly what the Universe has had in store for me regarding my upcoming project… I’ve been told God’s latest draft on the subject is a pretty solid one too… And  “Jesus, I trust in you,” so we’re all good! (laughs)

Writing is something that I enjoy doing in order to “keep my creative juices flowing” without any restrictions, boundaries, conditions, or rules coming from anyone other than my own little self. (Which can sometimes surely be worse than anything else, it’s true, but anyhow!)

My imagination can run pretty wild, and it likes to be released out of its box. So I just let it out whenever the animal becomes too loud inside.

(Other times I just pick up a Tennessee Williams play from my shelf and start performing for the spirits in my apartment…)

But my writing is a bit “all over the place,”  if I can put it that way. Between scribbling in journals, typing on my keyboard, and rambling about this and that, there are quite a few stories that I’d like to tell. (Although sometimes I feel it’s just one big story really…)

I get a kick out of observing, that’s for sure. People have always fascinated me. The complexity of us human beings – what makes us tick, the choices we make, the relationships we foster and nurture, are definitely emotional triggers for my inspiration. That’s why I love character work so much I believe.

I actually wouldn’t be super shocked if I was told for a fact that I have watched more documentaries than I’ve watched fictional stories. (But you’d be shocked probably, right? Shame on me, I know!)

Anyhow. My next move? The music will tell me what it will be like. Right now I keep on tuning to many different stations, not set on a specific one in particular, so it’s hard to tell which will be the winner, which will go from my messy inner scrambling into the clean vessel of reality!

As far as producing is concerned? No current plans. Nor desire either! (laughs) I don’t consider myself a producer at all, thank god! Bless the people who do! The few times I did produce (a short film and some plays I wrote) only happened because it seemed more convenient that way with the resources I had. To “lead my baby ship of passion and bring it to shore” …or something like that… I had my creativity on the one hand and my vision on the other, so I thought (pardon my French) “Why the f*ck not, let’s do it!” and acted on my impulses. But truly, just like any other profession, you’re either born for it or you’re not. I am kinda sort of the latter group, besides being one of those annoying ones who tend to be perfectionists… so it makes it all a bit more “complicated”  … (laughs)

Maybe when I have tons of money? I am just kidding, please don’t take me too seriously. Ever! (laughs)

I see on your Instagram page, you host a link for the ‘Make-A-Wish’ foundation, why is this charity important to you?

Oh, that very famous Instagram page of mine you mean? That one? How did you even find it? (laughs)

I’ve recently been more pulled to give back, realizing how lucky I truly am and conscious of the fact that so many others, unfortunately, aren’t. (Maybe The Angel did teach me something good after all! (laughs))

So I went on google (like we all do so well) and started reading about a few charities. I decided to go with that one first cause it talked to me more at that particular moment. Knowing anyone is sick is terrible as it is, but for a child to not get a chance to live past a certain age is absolutely heartbreaking. So if in that lifespan that child can have one of his wishes to come true, not only can it spark some light on its face in the short term, but maybe in the longer term as well.

I’ve been getting more familiar with the power of the mind these past couple of years (I guess it’s a trendy thing these days), and to make it brief, I strongly believe that  “when one feels better, one can get better”  – as they mention on their website. So, that “tied my knot!” While this particular link is on my profile right now though, it could very much be replaced by another one next week. And another one the following. I am not affiliated with any charity at this time, but there are many I definitely want to help. 

So I simply donated and put the link out there, thinking that whether it’d inspire someone else to give anything to this charity, or just make them aware of its existence, then that was that. Little things. Some sort of ripple effect, perhaps? (smile)

What is something I neglected to ask you, that you want to inform the audience?

I think I’ve talked too much as it is, don’t you?

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