How to choose the BEST alloy wheels for your new ride

When buying a car, the wheels and tires aren’t usually that high on a person’s list of important features, but they can make a huge difference to both the look and handling of the vehicle. Wheels that are cheap or are not specifically designed for your car may result in you needing to replacing them faster than you would like due to poor build quality. When you start digging, there is a surprising amount of information about wheels and which type is going to be the best choice for you. There are advantages and drawbacks to each option, which are covered below so you can make an informed decision.

For example, some people simply want wheels that are made practically, and that will not require much maintenance. Other people will be excited to see what options are available to them for custom alloy designs and different materials. If you are looking to drive a car that turns heads, then this is something that will be on your mind. If you are more interested in efficiency and reducing the emissions from your car, your wheel choice can still make a big difference, so take the time to see the options available to you. 

What are the alloy wheels? 

When you start to talk and research different wheel types, the most common you will see are alloy wheels. At a basic level, alloy wheels are names after the fact that they are made out of several metals together to create the best properties. Wheels are generally made out of an alloy of magnesium or aluminum combined with other metals for a certain look or performance requirement.  

Alloy wheels are most commonly used to improve a car’s aesthetics. Alloys are relatively easy to work with, and custom designs can be made to suit almost any taste or any style of car. Alloy wheels also have the advantage of being light when compared to other metals. This will improve a car’s performance and can add mph to top speed and make steering and handling better. In addition, alloy wheels are made with longevity in mind.

A carefully tested combination of metals is combined to bring in qualities that will prevent rust and corrosion. This means that as a user, you will not need to replace them nearly as often. Forgeline wheels have a great selection of alloy wheels that have almost any character that you may need for your vehicle.  

How do steel wheels differ? 

Steel wheels are the other most common material that car wheels are made from. Steel is a very strong metal making them very resilient to cracking or bending. These are the exact properties that you would want from a wheel, especially if you are driving for long distances or on rough terrain. When a steel wheel does bend, it can be hammered back into shape relatively easily. Steel wheels are cheaper than alloy wheels, so they are a good choice if you are on a budget, but they are not as pleasing to look at and are heavier. This means that the performance of your car will suffer, and your fuel efficiency will reduce with the extra weight. If you are spending money on a car that looks good or if you want to maximize performance, then you will most likely want to choose an alloy wheel over steel. If these factors aren’t a priority for you, then steel wheels will do just fine, jut make sure that the wheel you choose is up to standard.  

Are there any other options? 

Steel and alloy wheels are the most common options that you will see when looking for options, but you may also see pure aluminum wheels as another option. These are made either with a cast or in a forge to maximize performance and durability. Chrome wheels are another option that you might want to consider. Chrome wheels are known for their very attractive shiny appearance, but you may be surprised to know that they are also very hardy and are able to survive well in harsh weather conditions. They are also very resilient to rust, which may be useful if you live near the costs with salty air that can rust other metals quickly. Chrome wheels do need more looking after, though, and you’ll need to maintain them regularly to ensure that they keep their shiny look.  

Diamond cut alloys 

Diamond cut alloys are similar to regular alloy wheels but have a finish that is very shiny and attractive to look at. They are often the premium wheel type when you are buying a new car or looking to upgrade your wheels. Diamond cut alloy wheels are very easy to customize, and you can select a variety of colors from greys to orange. They are also very durable, so even though you are paying a premium price, you shouldn’t need to replace or repair them with normal use.  

Wheel sizes for you 

The next thing that you need to decide when looking at buying new wheels is the size. For some people, bigger is always better, and this is sometimes the case, but it is best to do your research. The main reason that someone will want to get bigger wheels is for the look that they give. Large wheels that are over 17 inches stick out and are clearly not stock. Larger wheels can also improve the performance of your car, though. Larger wheels can improve the ride of a car when on the highway and can reduce road noise. You will also notice that larger wheels can help with cornering and will give more grip when the road is wet. This also relates to when you are breaking. The larger surface area of larger tires will help you stop faster in any weather. When choosing the wheels for your car, the main thing that you need to investigate is what may limit the size of the wheel you choose. Always seek out a professional to guide you on the best wheels and tires for your car.  

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