Tips for Planning the Perfect Marriage Proposal

You have someone that you want to spend your life with, who you enjoy, who you can count on being there through the good times and bad times, who is your equal and ultimate partner. Now, the question is how to propose?

It seems like you’ve done it! Succeeding in finding true love is a superb feat. You have someone that you want to spend your life with, who you enjoy, who you can count on being there through the good times and bad times, who is your equal and ultimate partner. Now, the question is how to propose?

When, where, and how are the big queries that come into mind when planning to pop the big question. It can be nerve-wracking, but chances are, that if you have made it this far, then the proposal is just the joyous next step in your relationship. Needless to say, it’s still imperative to thoughtfully plan your step forward.

The Perfect Ring

There are many specifications that go into finding the perfect ring. If you do not know exactly what your partner wants, make sure to do your research. You can take her window shopping, ask her friends and family, and even look from the comfort of your own home! Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms are wonderful places to start.

There’s no need to sacrifice quality for price. There are so many beautiful rings available to fit everyone’s needs. A gorgeous princess cut diamond, a timeless vintage piece, or a stylish infinity engagement ring are all great options that you can customize without breaking the bank. Agape Diamonds sells simulated, lab-grown diamonds that are sure to bring your special someone a big smile. Their high-quality jewelry is both beautiful and affordable, and their pieces feature thoughtful and strong craftsmanship. Whatever you choose will be a literal symbol of your love, so pick a worthwhile investment.

Location, Location, Location

Choosing where to propose shows that you know your partner’s personality. Make it memorable. You can choose where you first met, where you first dared to declare, “I love you”, a favorite restaurant, in front of a crowd, with or without loved ones there. Although the possibilities seem endless, you can narrow the choices down by reviewing your favorite spots that you have been to together. You can decorate the location with photos of you two, twinkly lights to add ambiance, flowers or another meaningful gift beforehand.

Asking the Question

Keep in mind that your future spouse will be retelling this story to just about anyone who will listen. This part, however, is a piece of the puzzle where you have the power to make everyone swoon. It can be short and simple, long, incorporate music, poetry, and even art. You should practice your speech. As you await the answer to the fateful question of, “Will you marry me?” you will be glad you did so that you sound cool, confident, and collected.

Capture the Moment

As special as the event is, do not rely on memory alone to revisit the day. Hiring a photographer or even a videographer secures that you will not forget about this important day in your life. Both of you will appreciate the beautiful keepsake. Some people have used today’s technology to their advantage by hiring a drone to secure that all angles are caught on tape. Even if your perfect proposal goes slightly awry, the mementos will be a reminder of your happy sentiments.


Don’t forget to plan the celebration of a proposal gone well! This once in a lifetime event will be almost matchless as you two begin to plan your married life together. On the day of the proposal, you can involve her favorite liquor store to stock up on the good stuff, make sure to plan a romantic meal or small treats for a celebratory spree. Nothing is stopping you from having multiple celebration bashes- this is just the beginning of wedding festivities!

The key to a successful proposal is the same as the key to a successful relationship—do what is best for you two. Others will have thoughts and opinions, but when planning with all of these tips in mind you will know what your significant other loves. It will be a stand out memory with your partner and the stress of when, where and how to have the perfect proposal will be eliminated.

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