Top 5 Tips From Fashion School Student To Look Awesome On a Budget

It is everyone’s desire to stay attractive and look trendy, but managing in a limited budget is really difficult and challenging. Here are some tips for you to do it on a budget.

Clothes say a lot about you and narrate the world about our presence and can impact our emotions and mood. People are becoming more style-conscious. The reasons are multiple, like getting attention, feeling good and becoming popular. You see them and you will not think they are science students performing tough lab experiments but consider them as fashion students. Because students at Fashion School have to be trendy, stylish and different as they are making a career in this field.  Now whether it’s a fashion college or not, there are many people who can manage wearing trendy clothes because they can afford it. But most of the students are unable to balance between their educational expenses, their living cost and staying contemporary. They have to compromise in one way or the other.  

Here are some tips from a Fashion School Student to remain trendy on a budget

1.      Visit Resale Stores – Thrift Shops

Do not think it’s a place for poor and underprivileged. Nowadays the resale industry is growing to an unimaginable extent because the number of buyers is increasing. People want to look stylish but want not to spend much on new clothes. They are becoming environmentally friendly as well. Research says that people who shop from luxurious stores are nowadays visiting thrift and resale shops because of the unique stuff they have. You can find every brand, apparels, jewelry, and shoes at a very reasonable price.

2.      Be Watchful of Seasonal Sales

You cannot always afford to buy branded clothes, and it is good that you keep a track of seasonal sales that almost every brand offers. At this time you can shop for the next season at very cheap rates. You may be quite relaxed because you have sufficient stock available for this summer.

3.      Experiment With Your Clothes 

You do not always need to cut down expenses on your food and transportation for buying new clothes. You can dig something out of your closet and use it in a different way. For example, if you had that shirt with jeans last time, try it with a skirt or with a scarf. If you have some old jeans, learn how to discolor. You can see life hacks where students are taught how to reuse some clothes in a stylish way. This will also give you confidence that your experiments are accepted well by the people around you. This is just as you experiment with handing over your essays to some essay writing expert and ask them ‘Please, do my homework at an affordable price!’ Maybe you get guidance from that assignment about how to write a perfect essay next time by yourself.

4.      Buy Something That You Can Use In Different Ways 

Invest in clothes that can be used in different ways. You can put those clothes alternatively such as a shirt that can be worn during a formal college presentation and casually as well at weekend parties.

5.      Try To Find Something In Your Sibling’s Closet

Your siblings may prove to be a great help for you especially if you have almost the same stature, provided that you have a good relationship with them.  You may borrow some clothes to have variety. You may offer them your clothes, and this exchange will help both of you.  If you are a girl and your mother has a good collection in her closet, certainly you can grab something of your interest. 

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