Ex-Mistress Of Chinese Billionaire Was Given $38 Million as a Breakup Gift


A model named Mandy Lieu, ex-mistress for five years of Chinese billionaire Alvin Chau was given $38 million as a breakup gift. The pair also has three children together.

According to The Straight Times, Suncity CEO Alvin Chau and Malaysian model Mandy Lieu broke up after five years of being together. The affair ended after Lieu wanted to become more than Chau’s mistress but he refused to divorce his wife, Heidi Chan. Throughout their relationship, Chau and Lieu had three children together and his wife was aware of their activities for the past five years. She even released a statement in 2015 after being annoyed with the tabloids.


“It is not uncommon to see men dallying with others, and in regards to lovers, there isn’t only just one. No matter what, there is only one Mrs. Chau.”

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As a parting gift, Chau rewarded Lieu $38 million after he was unsatisfied with the outcome of their affair. He has a rumored net worth of $2 billion.