Phoenix Police Arrest Smart Car Driver After Chase

A driver who led authorities on a slow-speed freeway car chase from Gilbert through Phoenix is being held on suspicion of multiple charges.

A lot of events are adding up to the already busy world we have right now. A silver smart car, the kind that are so small that they look like they’ll tilt over if you pass by them too fast, had a car chase with Phoenix authorities.

According to Fox 10 Phoenix, authorities received a call from a local Walmart alleging that a man was standing in the parking lot. Once the police arrived, the “suspicious” man wouldn’t speak to them, got in his car, and refused to stop at red lights.

Eventually, the Arizona Department of Public Safety started to assist police “as the chase entered the freeway,” according to Fox 10 Phoenix.

Smart Cars were initially created in 1998. According to, a smart can go from 0-60mph in 15 seconds, while the top speed is around 84 mph.

According to, smart cars are not as popular in America as they are in other countries. This could be because of the speed cap of around 84mph.

“The Smart Fortwo has been a smash hit in Europe, but failed to gain a foothold in America outside of major urban centers.  The tiny two-seat vehicles and their underpowered engines may not be the right fit for the United States, but the city cars continue to be sold here, and have found an audience looking for an ultra-compact car that’s easy to park and easy on gasoline.”

At the time of this typing, the suspect’s name had not been released.

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