Top Comedy Picks That You Can Watch With Spectrum On Demand

With very little to look forward to these days, it’s very hard to find things that bring you joy.

With very little to look forward to these days, it’s very hard to find things that bring you joy. This is a weird time to be alive where our previously considered ‘normal’ routine has been pushed into the shadows by the new normal and we’re unsure where will things head from here. However, there’s one thing we’re sure of and that is, there’s nothing that a good, rib-tickling comedy flick can’t fix.

As per a survey conducted in 2019, 90% of men and 91% of women preferred watching comedy over any other genre. Pretty sure that number has only gone up by now because with lockdown in effect, we can’t think of watching any other genre but this one. 

It really helps you unwind and relax, no? Well, Spectrum has come forth like a life savior to help its subscribers get over these troubled times, With Spectrum TV, you can watch thousands of On Demand titles of whatever genre you prefer. Speaking of which, Spectrum’s comic movie lineup is particularly our favorite one. Want to know why? Let’s have a look!

Our Favorite Comedy Flicks from Spectrum On Demand

Daddy’s Home

If you love Will Ferrell’s comic timing and Mark Wahlberg’s muscle-flexing, then Daddy’s Home is the movie you can’t miss. This rib-tickling film revolves around Brad (Will Ferrell) who, while trying to get along with his step-children, comes across their biological father Dusty Mayron (Mark Wahlberg).


We have another Will Ferrell flick and this time, it’s a classic! Will Ferrell plays the role of a man who lives most of his life as an elf in the North Pole. Things take a funny turn as he decides to go and look up for his biological father in New York City.


If you’re into comedy movies that include a bit of action and adventure then Duplicity should be on your list. With acting endeavors from Julia Roberts and Clive Owen, who play the roles of two former government agents turned spies, you’ll see many twists and turns along the way as both spies try to out-win each other in different ways.

Liar Liar

Oh, this one’s truly one of Jim Carrey’s best performances that we live for! The plot of this movie helms around Fletcher Reed (Jim Carrey) a lawyer who gets caught up in his son’s wish. Now, as a lawyer, he finds himself in a wonky position because as hard as he tries to lie in the courtroom, he ends up telling the truth instead.  

Along Came Polly

Another classic you’ll find on Spectrum On Demand is Along Came Paulie. The plot of this movie includes Reuben Feffer (played by Ben Stiller) who gets cheated on by his bride Lisa Kramer (played by Debra Messing). Heartbroken and hurt, he goes back to New York City and is forced by his friend to attend a party where he meets Polly Prince (played by Jennifer Aniston), his ex-classmate. Seeing Polly’s liveliness, he finds himself falling in love again.

Identity Thief

This one will definitely make you fall off your couch while laughing. The story of this movie includes Sandy Peterson (played by Jason Bateman), a satisfied-with-life businessman, who finds himself in a weird position when he discovers that someone across the country is using his identity. 

Now, he travels from Denver, all the way to Florida to find the woman (played by Melissa McCarthy) so she could make up for all the trouble she had caused while using Sandy’s identity.  

The Addams Family

Nothing brings us more joy than seeing our favorite childhood cartoons get a remake. In this newly revamped movie, you’ll meet Morticia and Gomez Addams, along with the rest of their spooky family. Things take a new turn as Wednesday Addams befriends the daughter of a local reality show host, who tries everything to make their town perfect by ridding the Addams Family house out of it.

Hot Pursuit

We have another movie on our list that gives you a bit of action, drama, and adventure, besides plain comedy. Hot Pursuit revolves around Reese Witherspoon, an uptight cop who lets nothing get in the way of her duty. She gets a new assignment where she has to protect the wife of a drug lord (played by Sofia Vergara), from reckless gunmen who are out for her blood.

All Things Concluded

It sure does look like a lineup that you can’t afford to miss, right? It all doesn’t end here, because other than comedy, Spectrum has got drama and adventure movies for you too, and once again, you can watch all and that too On Demand. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t get in the debate of HBO Go VS HBO Now and join Spectrum today because with its spectacular On Demand feature we bet you can’t find anything as good as this. That’s a Spectrum promise!

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