3 Ways New Drivers Can Be Safer on the Roads

After passing your driving test, getting out on the road for the first time in your own car can be an exciting, yet daunting, experience.

After passing your driving test, getting out on the road for the first time in your own car can be an exciting, yet daunting, experience. By now, you’re probably more than used to driving with your instructor or with a family member in the passenger seat, but now you’ve got your full driving license, lessons are a thing of the past and there’s no need to take anybody with you or display your ‘L’ plates. 

Safety on the road is a top concern for new drivers. Since you’re less experienced than most, your risk of being involved in an accident is higher, and that’s why your insurance for your first year might have cost you more than your car. But the good news is, there are several things that you can do to become a safer driver from the start. 

Invest in a Safe Car:

If you’re in the process of looking for a new car, safety features should be one of the top things that you look at. Newer cars tend to be safer than older ones with features like parking sensors and automatic braking, so it’s always worth investing in a newer car – there are many affordable finance deals that are great for new drivers just starting out on the road. 

Take the Pass Plus:

If you’re not feeling too confident on bigger roads and motorways just yet, taking some extra driving lessons or a Pass Plus course with your driving instructor can be a great way to learn more and get comfortable on the road after passing your driving test – and if you had a good relationship with your driving instructor, it’s a great chance to catch up with them too and get their advice about future driving. You’ll cover things that might have only been touched on during regular lessons, like more advanced motorway driving, and brush up on the basics. 

Consider a Black Box:

For many new drivers, black box insurance is the only way to keep insurance costs from going through the roof. And, a black box fitted to your car can actually help you become a safer driver in your first year on the road. This is because you can usually use a website or app to stay up to date with how you are doing behind the wheel; the black box will track your driving habits and generate reports that you can use to figure out what you do well and what could do with a little more work. 

Safe drivers are also rewarded; either with cheaper insurance when renewing for another year, or cashback rewards that you can spend on anything you like. You can easily find black box insurance online through a price comparison website which will allow you to find the best deal for the year ahead.

Getting out on the road for the first time after passing your driving test is exciting, but don’t forget about the importance of staying safe. Being a safe driver now will stand you in good stead for the future and help your insurance costs come down over time. 

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