1990’s Rap Vs Rap In 2020

Everyone knows that rap and hip hop music are not what they once were.

Everyone knows that rap and hip hop music are not what they once were. Everything from the definition of rap to the personas of the rappers has changed in these years. 

Rap music or hip-hop music is a music genre developed by Latino Americans and inner-city African Americans. Hip-hop music consists of subcultures like DJing, beatboxing, and rapping. Despite getting the reputation of misogyny and violence, rap or hip-hop genre has a genuine voice. It conveys a meaningful message. 

A rap released in the 1990s can easily be distinguished from a song released in the last decade. When it comes to rappers, there is a huge difference between their personas as well. 

In this post, I have talked about the difference between the 1990s rap and modern rap


The most prominent difference between rap music is in the lyrics. If you listen to early hip hop music, you can notice a different tone with the main theme being about hood politics. The rappers had a strict gangster personality and many famous rappers were known drug dealers and some were convicted criminals as well. The big names in the industry include Jay-Z and The Notorious B.I.G.

In 2004, Kanye West moved the focus away from living on the streets or drug dealing to religion and his pursuit of music. Kanye West introduced the emotional rap with his song 808s & Heartbreak. 

Moreover, a decade later, the focal point shifted to conveying messages. For example, Macklemore talked about taboo topics in tracks like homosexuality. While Drake had a track about you don’t have to be a thug to become successful. 

Still, the lyrics tell a story of the rapper, but it is no longer about ghetto life. Currently, the artists rap about everything, from luxurious lifestyle to thrift shopping. Hip-hop lyrics are more obsessed with money. Also, artists are not afraid to take a softer approach toward romance. 

Freedom to Create Their Own Message 

Previously, artists were restricted by the record labels to craft the streamlined message. This because the only means for establishing a fan base was through the record labels. Now, with the rise of social media, the need for an agent is eliminated. Artists can record their tracks and share them on YouTube and SoundCloud. They can reach a wider range of audiences in this way and that too with their message. 

Modern Rap is More Famous 

In 2018, something happened for the first time in history; hip-hop became the most popular genre. Recently, pop music has combined with hip-hop and produced award-winning collaborations like Drake and Cardi B or Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. 

Nowadays, anyone can be a rapper, whether it is a 15-year old kid or someone else. This is because the trend of gangster rapper is no longer the norm. 

Which rap did you like the best: the 1990s or modern rap? Share your views with us in the comments below!

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