How To Make An Ideal Iceland Travel Itinerary

Iceland has always been a center of attraction for millions of travel enthusiasts all year round - come winter, come summer!

Iceland has always been a center of attraction for millions of travel enthusiasts all year round – come winter, come summer!

Among its impressive scenery are its geothermal springs, geysers, lava fields, and glaciers. Other tourist attractions include white peaked mountains, black sand beaches, and waterfalls (there are plenty of those!)

With so many jaw-dropping views spread across the country, having a plan in advance for your visit to Iceland will go a long way to make your stay memorable and itinerary easy to follow through. 

We will share some tips with you on how to make the most of your stay in Iceland. Let’s start your itinerary with things you should check before leaving your home country.

Planning Your Trip

1. Validate Your Passport and Relevant Documents

Having made up your mind to take a trip to Iceland, the next thing you want to do is to check your travel papers to see whether they are valid and up to date or you need to renew them.

2. Plan your Budget

Planning your expenses gives you control over your budget and reduces the chances of spending more than you planned. We should mention that most tourist sites and attractions are accessible by car, either by hire or with a tour group hence cutting down your transport fare. 

3. Off Seasons Are Fun!

Traveling to Iceland in the summer months (between June and August) can be very stressful. Why? There are usually more visitors during this time of the year, which tend to cause more traffic.

Try visiting during off-seasons like winter or autumn when the island must have been cleared – and you can do things at your own pace. With fewer visitors on the island in December and January, you can have more of the snowy paradise to yourself. Autumn brings its beautiful shades of colors and the first drop of snow on the dramatic mountains.

4. Book Accommodation and Reservations in Advance 

Getting a befitting accommodation during summer can be very difficult – especially one that is not far off in the countryside. It’s best to make arrangements for your accommodation months before your arrival. Early birds often get discounts on reservations!

Wherever you are on the globe, you can book your train tickets and make reservations from the comfort of your home. Rail.Ninja website offers comprehensive rail travel services, including train schedules, to help you plan your tour and transport better.

5. Keep Warm!

If you are visiting Iceland during winter, always ensure you pack essentials like waterproof shoes and boots, gloves, head warmers, swimsuit, and towels. You should also bring your camera and tripod for viewing the Northern lights.

6. Keep Your Credit Card Handy

This is especially useful when you need to pay for fuel. The fuel stations in Iceland operates self-services. If you don’t have your credit card with you, you can buy prepaid fuel cards on arrival.

7. Visiting Blue Lagoon

Undoubtedly one of Iceland’s most visited attractions, Blue lagoon, tends to be crowded because of its proximity to the airport.

However, there are other amazing spas and hot springs you can try even in remote towns – and they affordable too.

Fun stuff you should add to your Itinerary:

1. Walk the lava fields 

2. Hangout around the waterfalls

3. Watch out for the Northern lights- they are charming!

4. Drink water from Taps – Tap waters in this region taste different; they are clear and pristine.

5. Soak in the naturally heated (geothermal) swimming pools – it’s a great way to relax and calm your nerves out here in Iceland.

6. Take a walk on the beach – the beaches in Iceland may not be ideal for sunbathing, but it’s an opportunity to walk on its golden, red, and even black sands.

7. Don’t miss the hot chocolate and tasty cakes. Iceland has a good number of cafes serving the best snacks and outdoor relaxation spots.

Now, here are some heads up for your safety!

1. Always keep an eye on the weather; it is full of surprises out here! Also, check forecasts and road conditions before driving out.

2. Avoid any temptation of driving in a storm. Strong winds in this region can throw your car off the road.

3. Stick to the speed limits! Over-speeding can cause your tires to lose traction and skid off the road because of the snow and ice.

You are allowed to go up to 80km/h on rural roads (which are mostly gravel) and 90km/h on asphalt.  

4. Always park your camper-van in designated parking areas whenever you are out camping.

5. Don’t get too close to cliffs edges and don’t risk jumping off them to surf. Always respect signs and barriers wherever you see them. 

6. Walking on ice or going onto glaciers without a guide is not a good idea. The ice can be unstable, and the water is frigid – you wouldn’t want to cut your trip short by falling into cold water or being stuck in crevasses.

There you have it! These tips and guides will help make your Iceland itinerary a fun and memorable one. If you check all these boxes, you should have nothing to worry about. There other great ideas you can add to your itinerary on Iceland trip planner

Remember to collect some rocks as souvenirs; it’s a great way of taking memories and a piece of the island home!

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