Sounds of Self-love: “STARLET” by Lisa Danaë

Using music as a platform to narrate her story of growth, self-love and empowerment through vulnerability, California native, Lisa Danaë aims to elevate and stimulate with her new single “STARLET”.  A child of the 90s and die-hard  Disney fanatic, the Filipina-American pop princess draws inspiration from her past to modify and conquer her luminous future.

Enhanced by smooth synthesizers, Danaë’s satin tinged vocals, and unexpected, yet explosive chorus dive, “STARLET” serves as the perfect anthem the dreamer and achiever in all of us.  A presence in pop music since 2013, Lisa Danaë describes her music as a pick me up for the broken-hearted and a tool to let her fans know that they are not alone.

“I have made some mistakes, I’ve dealt with breakups, and  I’ve had self-doubt, but I do want people to know that if you strive to live in the light, stay positive, and  put positive energy out in the universe, you can pull yourself out of a negative place.”

EPK 1445, which represents the unwavering strength of angels, the inspiration behind “STARLET” came from a simple brainstorm that many of us have had: To be like others who seem to be living better lives than us. “I always wished I was like other celebrities until I realized how I was forging my own path,” explains  Danaë , “I am my own Starlet.”

Navigating both her personal and musical journeys with her head held high, Lisa Danaë most definitely knows her worth, and now, the world will too. What’s up next for Lisa Danaë? Check out her social media below platforms to stay in the loop!

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