5 Tips for Men Who Actually Want to Please Their Woman

If you’re a woman who’s interested in making more out of her sexual experiences or you’re a man who’s looking to boost intimacy in the bedroom, this article is for you.
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Let’s face it, ladies: Sex isn’t always the most earth-shattering of experiences. If we’re being honest, many of us have probably faked an orgasm just to get our partner to ejaculate (though few of us would admit it). There’s so much pressure to act and perform like the perfectly-airbrushed porn stars who make it look so easy to squirt. If you’re a woman who’s interested in making more out of her sexual experiences or you’re a man who’s looking to boost intimacy in the bedroom, this article is for you.

So, how exactly does a man please his partner?

According to Puatraining.com, there is a five-step fail-safe way to eat a vagina out. The end goal is for your lady not to be able to walk, talk, or really function after you wow her. Checkout PUA Training’s guide for that, but here are five other tips to satisfy her in the bedroom:

1. Areas To Stimulate

The vagina has two main parts that are needed to be paid attention to if your goal is to make her climax. The g-spot is on the inside wall of the vagina towards the front. For most, the g-spot is easy to find and is close to the vaginal opening. If a man knows how to touch it he will give her intense orgasms. Then there is the lesser-known a-spot. Most women and men are not familiar with this particular location because the a-spot is located inside her butt. But it can be just as important since it too has nerve endings. So make sure you get her comfortable with stimulation.

Thanks to the evolution of porn, making a woman squirt has become very important to men. Many women find it hard to achieve a female ejaculation and even harder to attain a squirting orgasm.

Caitlin V Neal is a professional sex coach for men and a specialist in her field whose goal is to help men perform better in bed. A lot of women believe that squirting is a myth. Whereas some women are afraid that they might accidentally pee on their partner since it comes from the bladder.

Luckily, Caitlin has a foolproof plan on how to make your girlfriend squirt and quick. The reaction occurs when a woman is stimulated in the perfect way where the fluid is released. For many women, the sensation of squirting is followed by g-spot-stimulation.

2. Foreplay Foreplay Foreplay

Have we said it enough? Arousal is so important to the process because you want her to feel not only comfortable with you but turned on by you as well. Some men find the whole idea of foreplay tedious, but it is a necessary measure if you want to see your girl squirt.

3. Baby The Clit

You will want to build the anticipation up within her clit. Start off by rubbing it softly. Then, softly lick it, but do not immediately try to suck it. You want to build up the clitoral stimulation to a specific point then keep the feeling there, making her want more of your touch.

4. Use a Finger Or Toys

A great idea is to incorporate a vibrator into the bedroom activities. A wand vibrator is a pleasurable instrument that usually has a long arm, which makes holding it easier. On the tip is a vibrating ball. Most wand vibrators these days will come cordless, making them limitless in terms of how and where you can receive pleasure. If you chose to finger her don’t, forget to use the backward stroking method.

5. Quality Not Quantity

Always look to spice up your sex life and success will naturally follow. You always want to enjoy pleasing her because she will notice otherwise. Show her exactly what you like about her, and she’s sure to enjoy time in the bedroom more than ever.

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