5 Tips For Using Cannabis To Ease Stress and Anxiety

Every adult has dealt with stress at one point in their lives.

Every adult has dealt with stress at one point in their lives. Whether it’s struggling with work, family, or relationships, stress can be a normal reaction. The problem occurs when it stops being something you can manage and starts to create problems in your life.

Chronic stress or anxiety can lead to long term mental and physical issues, ranging from headaches and insomnia to high blood pressure and hypertension. One way to manage your daily stress is through medicinal cannabis which can help reduce stress and anxiety. If you think this could be helpful for you, read on for some tips on using cannabis to manage your stress.

Try Using CBD

CBD is one of the compounds that makes up cannabis. Unlike THC, its counterpart, CBD does not have psychoactive properties. It does, however, have lots of medicinal value. CBD is a popular treatment for many conditions, including stress and anxiety. It’s said to have calming features and can also work as a sleep aid. If you worry about feeling “high,” which can cause more anxiety in some people, make sure to stick with CBD and avoid THC.

Store Your Product Carefully

If you want the best results from your cannabis, you need to make sure you have stored it properly. According to Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop, your cannabis can maintain its freshness for months when stored correctly. Keep your buds away from direct light and in an airtight container, like a glass mason jar. A cool, dark place is best to stop your cannabis from losing its freshness and flavour over time.

Keep Track of Your Progress

If you’re experimenting with medicinal cannabis, you should use a journal to track what works for you and what doesn’t. Take notes of the strains you use, the amount you consume, and what your experience is like. This can help you narrow down what strains or dosages are best managing your stress. You can also take note of the makeup of the cannabis that’s working best for you: aromatics like Caryophyllene and Linalool are said to help with stress.

Think Beyond Smoking

There are many ways to use cannabis, and you should find the one that feels most natural for you. You can go the traditional route and smoke it, either through rolled joints, bongs or pipes, or try using a vape pen. You can also find CBD-infused products like creams, sprays, oils, candies or other ingestibles. You might find it soothing to make a cup of CBD tea, use an oil roller on your pulse points, or chew on some cannabis gum when you feel stressed. 

Don’t Just Rely On One Method For Stress Relief

While cannabis can be a helpful way to manage daily stress, there are other methods you should use in conjunction. Try avoiding stimulants like caffeine and alcohol, and engaging in mindful activities like journaling, meditation or yoga. Relaxation techniques, including breathing exercises, can help you in a moment of stress or anxiety where your fight or flight response has been triggered. You might also want to try working with a mental health professional, whether it be a psychologist or a therapist, to manage your stress and anxiety through methods like CBT.

Many cannabis users say they do it to relax or relieve stress, and the medical research backs that up. Using cannabis to manage your stress and anxiety is a common practice with a proven record, and can be the answer for your chronic stress problem.

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