What to do in St. Thomas for One Day

St Thomas is the biggest among the US Virgin Islands and home of the largest town and Charlotte Amalie’s capital.

St Thomas is the biggest among the US Virgin Islands and home of the largest town and Charlotte Amalie’s capital. Beautiful Caribbean islands have a tropical climate and gorgeous beaches with crystal clear waters and lush vegetation on land. There is so much to see, but if you are on a cruise ship, you will probably have one day for exploring the pristine beauty of the largest Virgin island.

The United States Virgin Islands is an unincorporated territory of the US, which they bought from Denmark in 1917. US citizens do not need a passport to visit St Thomas. Still, for foreign visitors, you should acquire travel authorization via USA ESTA form. There is a straightforward procedure of answering a set of detailed questions and a small fee for all travellers who come to the US from Visa Waiver Program countries. After your ESTA application is approved, you can visit the country in the next two years.

American Virgin Island should probably be in strong consideration, and beach vacation is the first thing that comes to mind.

St Thomas Virgin Islands beaches 

It would be impossible to name all of the great St Thomas beaches. If we include other Virgin Island, the post would be gargantuan. The long coastline has more than 40 great major beaches and plenty of secluded ones, coves, rocky parts for isolation. Some beaches have all amenities, water sports offerings, and plenty of restaurants, other only white Caribbean sand and coconut trees.

Magens Bay is the most popular beach, but also one of few that have an entry fee. Beautiful waters, plenty of amenities, and public parks make this an excellent destination for all sorts of visitors. There are active lifeguards and plenty of restaurants and bars.

Lindquist Beach has a different, more remote feel to it, with a pristine environment, almost no amenities, but plenty of gorgeous sea for swimming and snorkelling.

Secret Harbour, Great, and Bolongo Bay beaches are more populated and near towns. At the same time, Sapphire Beach, Brewers Bay, and Coki Point have more natural surroundings. Other notable beaches include Cowpet Bay, Turtle Cove, Limetree Beach, and many others.

Best time to visit US Virgin Islands 

The weather on the beaches is excellent all year, but the high season is from December to March with warm weather, no rain, and a chilly night breeze. April to June is also a great time to visit with the least precipitation and warm temperatures. On the other hand, summer has the best rates, and if you are lucky, plenty of swimming time. The problem is that July to October is hurricane season, and the island still has not recovered from 2017 Hurricane Irma. 

The best snorkelling on St Thomas

When visiting the Caribbean island, chances are you can spot dolphins, sharks, and sea turtles, so if you want good snorkelling, it is pretty much everywhere. Still, some places offer a better chance to see great stuff. Coki Point Beach on the north shore is one of these places, and you can explore coral ledges close to Coral Worlds.

Cow and Calf rocks are arguably the best island diving and snorkelling spot with reefs, coral boulders, and an abundance of life.

A somewhat unusual place for snorkelling is Hurricane Hole, where you can explore corals that grove on the roots of a mangrove forest. And where there are corals, you can also find plenty of fishes and other sea life.

The best beaches for snorkelling are Secret Harbour, Lindqvist Beach in Smith Bay Park, hull Bay, and Brewers Bay.

Hiking in St. Thomas Virgin Island 

It can get steaming hot in the Virgin Islands. Before you explore numerous trails, do not go without enough water, good walking shoes, and sunscreen. There are two incredible viewpoints on the island. Mountain Top is situated 1,500 feet above sea level with the capital’s view and the islands’ extraordinary beauty. You can also drink rum, Banana Daiquiri, and shop. 

Another one is Drakes Seat with views of Magens Bay and British Virgin Island in the back. 

Mermaid’s Chair trail is one popular walking path that comes around Charlotte Amalie. It is a moderate trail with a couple of scenic views in its 5.8 kilometres.

Magen’s Bay Beach trail is a bit shorter, about 3.4 kilometres. It starts in Charlotte Amalie, goes by Magens Bay Beach, and uphill. Other notable trails include Santa Maria Beach Path, Hull Bay, and Harbour Walk.

Before embarking on a tropical Caribbean adventure, you should check ESTA status. After the administration approves your application, you can explore the US and its territories for up to 90 days.

Bottom line

St Thomas is the largest of the US Virgin Islands, and there is an excellent itinerary for a day visit. Still, it is also a perfect place for a more extended beach vacation. You can enjoy world-class rum, Caribbean cuisine, warm weather, gorgeous beaches, and many other attractions.

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