A girl named jaen demands justice with her socially conscious new single, “We Are The Chorus”

“We will not be divided, discouraged, frightened or silenced”

Organize and generate change with a girl named jaen (yes, her name is lowercase) as she demands justice with her evocative battle cry, “We Are The Chorus”. In a world where silence is acceptance, and social unrest is the new “normal”, recent events have proven that unity is needed more than ever. Raising our voices is something that must be done, even if our voices shake. In other words, when something isn’t uplifting us, we must dare to change it. Why? Because if we fail to make changes, those changes will eventually make us.

Produced by Dennis Coronel & co-produced by jaen herself, “We Are The Chorus” is an enlightening musical journey, which is deeply inspired by its passionate lyricism and title. “I want this to inspire others the way I’ve been inspired, to get out there where I can, and to never give up the fight for causes that I feel passionate about”, the Southern California native says. “I want us to realize that our voices matter, and that collectively they are so powerful!”

With its haunting, breathy intro, the song intensely glides first into a pulsating pre-chorus, then crashes into an upbeat military inspired cadence, before entrancing the listener with vibrant vocals rhythmically chanting “No justice! No peace!”.  

Many of jaen’s songs have been featured in multiple television and film projects which have aired on a plethora of major networks including NBC, CBS, MTV, Disney, and Hulu.  She has also earned numerous accolades for her music including ones from songwriting contests such as Unisong, among others. Jaen’s songs have also been recorded by other indie artists such as , Ali Handal, Steven Frazier, Reazons Unknown, and Lisa Danaë.

Equipped with her rebel heart and extensive catalog, jaen is moving full speed ahead, and shows no signs of slowing down.

What is jaen cooking up next? Find out by visiting all major streaming platforms; as well as, her social media links listed below:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/agirlnamedjaen/?hl=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/agirlnamedjaen/

Website: https://www.agirlnamedjaen.com/

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