10 Tips for Living a More Free-Spirited Life

If you’re looking for less stress, more freedoms, and a new zest for existence itself, a free-spirited lifestyle can bring you all this and more. Contrary to popular belief, a free-spirited life doesn’t require you to abandon your responsibilities and possessions for years of wandering and non-commitment. A few changes to your mindset and behavior can give you the nonconformist daily life you aspire to.

1. Spend some time daydreaming.

Every true free spirit makes time for daydreams. You don’t need to distract yourself from the important things in life, like spending time with loved ones. But losing yourself in thought, staring off into space for a while? Daydreaming can give you a much-needed break from the stresses of life, enhance your creativity, and even increase your productivity. Your dreaming doesn’t need to be constrained to daytime, either. Keep a journal on your bedside table to record your dreams as soon as you wake up. Whether you’re inspired to write a New York Times Bestseller, dive into interpretations of the symbols that appear, or just look back on your strangest nighttime scenes with a smile, a dream journal can bring an extra dose of whimsy to your newfound lifestyle.

2. Allow yourself to feel.


Feelings are a critical aspect of a free-spirited life. As a rule, modern society demands people close themselves off and mask their truest emotions. But a free spirit opts to balk convention. Whatever you’re feeling, feel it openly. Connect with others emphatically. Acknowledge your emotions and embrace them, good and bad. Like the ebb and flow of a free-spirit, emotions cycle, through positive and negative, strong and subtle. Allow yourself to ride the tides of your feelings. Lift the mask of social norms and watch yourself thrive on this new-and-improved, unconventional life. The universe is expansive and the free spirit aims to experience it all, with all the emotions that arise along the way.

3. Consider alternative ideologies.


A free spirit will find themselves evolving with each discovery, always learning and embracing new mindsets, and outlooks on life. One day you might delve into books on Buddhism, other times you might return to Christian roots. Perhaps you’ll take to the stars and consider your unique astrological chart and find out you were born on the cusp of the zodiac signs Libra and Scorpio. Then, once you’ve searched “cusp meaning” to learn what that actually refers to, you’ll find your natural flair for freedom. Each new creed will bring its own discoveries about who you are and the life you want to lead.

Your search for inspiration and new discoveries might also lead you to dive deep into angelic numerology, which is the science behind repeatedly occurring sequences in daily life. One of the most common resources to learn from is the Numerologist website, which not only has full info on angel numbers but also provides daily readings according to your path number. For instance, if you are just wondering what seeing the number 9 more often means, you can just search for the 999 angel number meaning or any other sequence occurring in your daily life.

4. Set your own definition of beauty.


Without a doubt, you’re beautiful, whether or not you mirror societal standards for beauty. Look within yourself and see your unique beauty: your kindness, your empathy, your dreams. Look outward and see the features you love about yourself and your body. Look to others and see the joy you bring to your loved ones. Being a free spirit is the ultimate natural beauty routine—you simply need to embrace the many beautiful qualities that make you youUnconventional ideas of beauty showcase your free spirit to all you look upon you.

5. Try homeopathic remedies.


Whether on the cusp of health concerns, diagnosed with a chronic illness, or simply trying to live a healthier life, natural remedies are a way to boost your wellness, ease symptoms, and embrace your newly-free spirit. Try using an herbal supplement like organic milk thistle to support liver health, protecting it from free radical damage and supporting glutathione concentrations. If your liver health is already top-notch, eliminating toxins as intended, something as simple as adding smoothies to your diet can make a difference. Add your favorite fruits and vegetables and a dollop of your go-to nut butter for an extra dose of protein and vitamin E. Drinking your nutrients or getting them through a capsule, boosting your health naturally is almost always a good idea. If you take any prescription medications, be sure to consult your doctor first to ensure the herbs won’t interfere with your medication—after all, you want to be free-spirited, not put your life in danger.

6. Keep an open mind.


If you’re looking to live a more free-spirited life, you need at least a touch of open-mindedness. And you likely have that or more already—few people are drawn to thwarting societal norms by showcasing their astrological cusp, toxin-eradicating supplements, or deepest daydreams. Be open to learning new things, meeting new people, and every adventure along the way. A free spirit has beliefs when it comes to the big things, be it saving the environment or defending human lives, but they’re open to learning and growing when other prospects are at stake. The free spirit absorbs the world around them and becomes a better person for it.

7. Face your fears.


A little risk is a hallmark of a free-spirited life. In many cases, facing your fears will bring all new freedoms. Try diving from the sky or off a precipice. Give a speech or stand up for what you believe in. You don’t need to endanger your life or risk it all to embrace this sense of liberation. Risks of all shapes and sizes refresh your confidence and overall zeal. Recognize when something scares you and take a chance anyway. Unless it’s a matter of life or death, you might just find a stronger sense of your free spirit.

8. Hit the open road.


There’s nothing more free-spirited than a road trip across the United States with no firm destination in mind. With an RV, you can access modern must-haves like a refrigerator and comfortable bed as you travel in new terrain. Living a life of more freedom and fewer stressors doesn’t mean you need to embrace discomfort. For an additional bit of ease and peace of mind as a freshly-minted RV owner, protect your new RV with America’s RV Warranty. A newly-free RV owner traversing the U.S. and embracing all life has to offer, and tasting every flavor life has to offer? Don’t worry about mechanical trouble. Your RV has the comprehensive coverage you need to let you take risks and enjoy all aspects of your dream life.

9. Embrace your independence.


A free spirit doesn’t wallow in misery when they’re single or fall into loneliness when their friends aren’t around. Get comfortable being alone with your thoughts and daydreams. Whether piloting your RV across the country or heading out solo on a Friday night, the free-spirited life is one that’s yours alone. Making connections along the way is powerful, of course, but you don’t depend on those relationships to keep going. You love being around the people you love but you’re just as ready to spend some alone time with the most important person. And if that person wants to take an impromptu road trip? There’s no coordinating involved with your plan—just get yourself ready and hit the road.

10. Don’t sweat the small stuff.


Perhaps the most essential quality of a free spirit is their ability to let nonessential stressors roll off their backs and live spontaneously. Life becomes an adventure, one that won’t be stopped by a minor inconvenience. Live for the journey, whatever it entails. Have an RV that needs a repair that isn’t covered under the manufacturer’s warranty? Don’t worry: that’s why you found an extended warranty that meets all your RV needs. A free-spirited life is about spontaneity and freedom. There’s no need to stress over the details—you know that everything will work out in the end.

Aspiring to a free-spirited life might seem counterintuitive to the concept itself. But the adjustments your existing lifestyle needs to become a more nomadic, care-free version you’re hoping for are simple and generally stress-free. From skewing societal standards to bringing new, more open-minded concepts into your life, becoming a free spirit is simply a matter of letting go and having a dream—whether that’s to travel the country in your new RV, uncover your zodiac sign, or swallowing a capsule of herbs with your morning shake. Take a breath, take a chance, and live your best life at your most free.

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