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Looking for a cleaning service is actually an easy task since there is a lot of service providers…
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Looking for a cleaning service is actually an easy task since there is a lot of service providers to choose from. You need to consider a number of factors that include the experience of the team you want to hire. Cleaners with more expertise and experience tend to charge more since their services tend to have better ratings because of the quality of their services. Cost is also a base consideration since you a lot of income earners don’t have a lot of cash lying around to pay for cleaning services. 

However, finding the most viable cleaning option for you will help you ease cleaning pressure and free up more time for you to focus on your careers or whatever duties you could have.  Pricing ranges with the service providers since they have a variety of services like flood restoration services, which include  

  • Water extraction from roughly $300 
  • Carpet water extraction $20/sqm 
  • Hiring air blower @ $100 per night 

For customer that is only willing to wash their carpets and curtains, Carpets are cleaned from $100 depending on the area covered. Carpet cleaning also involves the removal of spots and pest stains. In cases of upholstery where 

  • a combo of 5 seats costs roughly $150 
  • cushions @ $12 
  • mattress cleaning @ $85 
  • rug cleaning @ $55 
  • armchairs @ $27 

The following are carpet cleaning prices: 

  • stain and odor remover starting from $18 
  • carpet steam clean from $45 

Kitchen cleaning services include 

  • Standard oven cleaning @ $54 
  • Fridge cleaning @$15 

Home cleaning varies depending on the size of your house, which means considering the number of stories. However, cleaning service providers use the number of bedrooms to price their services for three to four hours of a thorough cleaning. 

  • One bedroom houses @ $65 
  • Two bedroom houses @ $70 
  • Three bedroom houses@ $80 
  • More than three bedrooms @ $95 

There are a variety of house cleaning activities that definitely vary from one service provider to the next. You, however, have a large pool of options to choose from. Some of the most common house cleaning activities include; 

  1. End of tenancy is also referred to as bond cleaning for three hours of cleaning. 
  • One bedroom @ $140. 
  • Two-bedroom @ $160 
  • Three bedrooms @ $220 
  • Four bedrooms @ $250 
  1. Deep cleaning services @ $150. 
  2. Floor restoration services @ $300 
  3. Pressure washing/ water blasting @ roughly $200. 
  4. Gutter cleaning from $90. 
  5. Interior and exterior window cleaning 
  6. Internal and external painting services @ $250 

In addition to these office cleaning services starting from $80 dollars a week. Other services like ordinary house cleaning are also offered in weekly and monthly capitations, and they also vary depending on the service provider’s policies. As shown by the professional cleaning price list in Auckland in this article, cleaning can be expensive or standard depending on what and how you want it done. Take time to choose from the wide range of service providers that offer the service you need without forgetting to check out their rating to ensure you get the best cleaning service. 

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