Celebrities who advocate the benefits of CBD after using it

CBD’s popularity seems to have been exploded lately, with millions of users only in the USA.  Research shows…

CBD’s popularity seems to have been exploded lately, with millions of users only in the USA. 

Research shows that the global CBD market is expected to reach $23.6 billion. By the end of the year, it’s predicted the American industry sales to exceed $417. But the USA isn’t the only country that registered a notable rise in CBD use; the European continent is also expected to register a growth by over 400% in the following five years

For Americans, the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill marked an increase in research and product development of hemp cannabidiol extraction and a growth in sales because people are now allowed to buy it from specialized stores. 

As more and more people recognize CBD’s effectiveness as a treatment for conditions like myalgia, back pain, insomnia, anxiety, arthritis, and joint pain, it turned into a popular lifestyle trend. Its popularity has exploded among celebrities who use it and are thrilled with its benefits; they also promote it by endorsing brands or creating their own lines. 

Here is a list of celebrities who advocate CBD’s benefits.

Mike Tyson

People know Mike Tyson for his boxing career, but he has started a business in the CBD market after retiring. Recent news announced that Mike Tyson has a marijuana farm named Cannabis Resort on land he owns in California City. It takes him two hours to get to the farm from his Los Angeles house. He also runs the Tyson Holistic Holdings company that manages the Tyson Ranch and a Marijuana strain company that has recently introduced on the market a CBD brand called CopperGel that includes products designed to provide people with relief. Mike Tyson has decided to produce his own line of CBD products after using them and has been satisfied with the medical benefits they provided. 

He revealed that he wants to transform his company into a marijuana empire by expanding the range of products to muscle pain ointments, packaged weed, and hemp-infused drinks.  

Seth Rogen

No one is surprised that Seth Rogen encourages people to use a cannabis-derived product to feel better. But his passion for natural products extends beyond the silly roles he plays in comedies where he gets stoned by using various substances. He promotes CBD because he has enjoyed its medical benefits and wants other people to have the same experience. 

In 2012, the actor started a non-profit organization called Hilarity for Charity that tries to draw attention to Alzheimer’s effects. He raised over $11 million for research for this condition and advocates for doctors to include CBD oil in patients’ treatment.

Many Moore

Mandy Moore is a choreographer and dancer, and she often talked about how much strain the effort puts on her feet. She has recently started to use CBD to relieve the aches she feels because of intense physical activity and wear high heels for multiple hours. Mandy Moore uses CBD oil to prevent pains after dance sessions and when she attends red carpet events. She discovered that CBD is helpful because it rapidly absorbs into her skin and makes her feel comfortable even when she wears uncomfortable shoes for extended periods.  

How did Mandy Moore get to use CBD oil to improve her feet pain? She was looking for some time for a solution to numb the discomfort and aches she was experiencing because of the high heels she has to wear when dancing or attending events. And during a discussion with her stylist, she found out that CBD oil has better effects than any other numbing cream on the market, so she felt like she was floating during the Golden Globes. 

For those who don’t like applying oils on their feet when wearing elegant shoes or sandals, CBD creams can be an alternative because they include the same beneficial ingredients but rapidly absorb into the skin. 

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde is a famous actress who has shared her admiration for CBD products every time she had a chance. One of her friends introduced her to CBD products when dealing with chronic muscle aches during a six-month Broadway tour, and she didn’t’ stop using it since then. She prefers CBD because she finds it a better alternative to medications and other synthetic drugs. She believes that many people wrongfully vilify CBD because they don’t understand its benefits. She didn’t exactly reveal the products she was using, but if you also experience pains and aches because of exhausting physical effort, you can try CBD flower joints from OCN.        

Kim Kardashian West

When Kim Kardashian associates her name with a product, it immediately registers skyrocketing popularity. When she celebrated her fourth child’s baby shower, she opted for a theme that promotes the beneficial effects CBD has. She often said that she likes CBD products because they help her stay calm and deal with the anxiety associated with her job. When she has decided to welcome a fourth child with a surrogate’s help, she was freaked out by the process and the work having a large family would imply. She used CBD to relieve stress and keep her psoriasis under control. 

She doesn’t promote a specific CBD brand because she doesn’t want people to feel like she is advertising the product. She wants people to know that she loves CBD because of its effects, and she recommends people to use it if they experience high-stress moments. For her baby shower, she decided to share this experience with her friends and family, and all to zen out for a night. She decorated the venue with yoga mats and purchased various CBD products for her guests to try what they prefer. Kim Kardashian West also believes that it’s best to first try natural solutions before getting synthetic medication. She puts CBD above anything else when she needs a little help to get a good night’s sleep. 

And the list of celebrities who use CBD products doesn’t stop here because more and more Hollywood stars are joining them. 

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