Ted Cruz’s Actually Named His Poodle ‘Snowflake’ And People Can’t Believe it

Ted Cruz Cancún story, a story that conquered the news since late Wednesday night, still had a lot to unload.

These included him flying off to a beach vacation while his fellow Texans froze. The conservatives’ sad efforts at spin followed by the obvious and juvenile-like lies from Cruz himself.

There were also photographs of the senator wheeling a carry-on around an empty airport. And of course, the memes. And if all this weren’t enough, there’s also this: He left behind a poodle, and the poodle’s name is actually “Snowflake.”

When a reporter monitored the Cruz house in Houston, he found only a security guard and, Snowflake, a poodle visible in the glass, left home alone by a family that sought a warmer climate.

Still, a lot of people their time to call out the deranged detail that Cruz would hate sensitive progressives so much he would name his dog — a poodle, no less — after the right-wing’s favorite insult for them.

This is only arguably the most humiliating thing Cruz has ever brought upon himself, and he was once owned by the star of his favorite movie.

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