The Dream And Promise Act Passed Providing Path To Citizenship For ‘Dreamers’

Several people were overjoyed at the good news.

According to ABC News, the House of Representatives passed “The Dream and Promise Act” by a vote of 228 to 197.

This bill would include a path to citizenship for young undocumented migrants identified as “Dreamers,” as well as other people now live in the United States under temporary protected status. Many people who were brought to the United States as children would benefit from this law.

Undocumented farmworkers will also receive legal status as a result of this law, which will be combined with another bill. This bill was passed by Democrats in the previous Congress, but it was blocked in the Senate, which is dominated by Republicans. According to the survey, nine Republicans voted with Democrats to pass the bill, which would affect 3.4 million people.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi let off a series of tweets celebrating the good news.

Several people were overjoyed at the good news. “The core of many nations, the people they don’t want to acknowledge,” one person said. “I came here when I was three years old,” another commented, sharing her own testimony about moving to the United States at a young age. This has always been a fantasy of mine!!!! I never felt I’d be able to achieve.”

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