Klik Klak Futon: What Is It?

Klick klak futons are a modern take on the traditional sleepers of years past. Turn any area in your home into a spot for guests to sleep.

A klick klak futon, also called a klick klak sleeper or a klick klak couch, is a modern and more comfortable take on the traditional futons of years past. They are an excellent way to upgrade a space, effectively turning virtually any area in the home into a spot for guests to sleep. Whether your in-laws visit frequently or your cross-country friends from college are looking for a place to crash on a weekend getaway, klick klak futons provide the functionally you’re looking for in a pull-out sleeper while making your guests feel more at home. Best of all, they pose all the benefits of having a guest bedroom while fitting inconspicuously into your office, living room, den, or finished basement decor.

Today, there are klick klak futons to suit every style and color palette, meaning you can find one that blends in seamlessly with your interior design. Visitors are likely to spot a couch or sofa that is sleek, minimalistic in design, and on-trend, without even noticing that the piece of furniture doubles as a temporary sleeping space.

The Benefits of Using a Klick Klak Futon

There are many reasons to purchase a klick klak futon, but none top the functionality of the furniture piece. Do you need an extra sleeping space for guests, but you’re also a little short on space? Or, perhaps you need an extra bed sometimes but when it’s not in use you would prefer it remains out-of-sight. Maybe you need the area that would be used for a bed for extra seating, instead. If this is the case, a klick klak futon is most definitely for you.

Multi-Functional Purpose

In addition to doubling as a seating area and sleeping space for guests, many klick klak futons have added storage. This makes the design even more critical for small spaces, such as guest bedrooms or apartments. You may not have a dedicated linen closet in your hallway or foyer, but with a klick klak futon you will always have somewhere to stash that extra bedding where it isn’t in the way or causing clutter.

Increased Comfort

Another one of the most notable features of klick klak futons is that they are generally more comfortable compared to traditional fold-out beds from the past. Traditionally, klick klak futons do not have the same sharp springs that may cause sleepers to creak and squeak throughout the night, or poke through the thin mattress. This leads to a better night’s sleep, which your guests will always appreciate.

Easy Conversion

There’s nothing worse than being on the road for hours only to arrive at your friend or family member’s house and have to battle a cumbersome fold-out sofa bed before getting some shut-eye. Traditional sleeper couches or futons may come with complicated contraptions and be challenging to arrange. That is not the case with klick klak futons. These convertible beds are famously easy to assemble, usually only taking one person a few short minutes.

Many people love klick klak futons because they don’t require a separate mattress or even a separate slip-cover for the sleeping space. The units are entirely self-contained, easy to set-up and start using immediately.

Stylish and Modern

Traditional sofa beds can be bulky, cumbersome, and unappealing to the eye. However, klick klak futons are generally sleek, modern, and minimalistic. You’ll be surprised an entire bed even folds up into such a compact shape!

Envision straight lines, slim cushions, and neutral colors to match any design theme. The style of these convertible sleepers will match any room or home, fitting in with modern, transitional, and even industrial styles.


Another one of the most popular things about klick klak futons is the price point. Much less expensive than an entire guest bedroom set-up, they are attractive for those who are looking to add extra sleep space on a budget. All without sacrificing style or the comfort of your guests. Klick klak futons can ring you in for under $200, and increase as you upgrade your materials and features.

The Origins of “Klick Klak”

Klick klak futon may sound like a funny name, but the origins are actually incredibly simple. The assembly of these convertible beds is often compared to that of an outdoor lounge chair. It is the back cushion that can recline, and eventually lay flat, and users can adjust the incline by moving the frame into one of several locked positions.

The noise that the bed makes as it pops into a secured position sounds like an audible “klick klak,” hence the name of the furniture piece. However, the name is not without some debate. You are likely to see “klick klak” spelled in a variety ways, and none of them are wrong. You may see “click clack futons,” “klick clack futons” or even “klick klack futons.”

What Are Klick Klack Futons Made Of?

Another common question consumers often have is regarding the material of klick klak futons. Like other types of sofas and beds, the construction can vary significantly based on price-point. You may find one with a metal or wooden frame, with a foam sleep slab. Or, if you go for a higher price-point you may see that some models have memory foam and pocket coil springs. How fancy your klick klak futon is, is entirely up to you.

Where to Buy Klick Klak Futons

You may not be familiar with the name, yet you are likely well-familiar with the stores that stock these handy convertible sleepers. Klick klak futons are widely popular because of their functionality, style, comfort, and price-point. That means that most major furniture retailers do carry them in-stock.

If you’re looking for a klick klak futon, try your favorite furniture showroom, warehouse, or online retailer. Remember that since there are many accepted spellings of the furniture piece you may have to try several searches if you are looking online before you find a match.

Or, simply visit your favorite furniture store in-person and ask to speak with a design or sleep specialist. In-store representatives will be happy to show you around, picking klick klak futons that match your style, taste, and of course, your budget. Add one to your home today and provide guests with a place to sleep for many years to come.

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