In A Season 4 Teaser, ‘Cobra Kai’ Confirms The Onslaught Of Real Pain (The Return Of Terry Silver)

Cobra Kai‘s Season 4 release date remains under wraps, for the moment.

Cobra Kai continues to do the seemingly impossible, all while bringing The Karate Kid franchise back to life in a way that it so well deserved. It’s an infuriatingly amazing resurrection, and Season 4 has already concluded filming, despite the fact that Season 3 was hot-dropped a few days early in late 2020. New cast members will be joining the show, and a few performers will be promoted to regular status, and Netflix is teasing us with the following video, which verifies what some had guessed regarding John Kreese’s strange phone call: he was calling up his old Vietnam War buddy, who was previously seen (in a flashback) telling Kreese, “I owe you, man. You saved my ass. Anything you need, I’m there for you. Your whole life. You hear me? Your whole life.”

Because (as Netflix has since confirmed), the old friend is actually Terry Silver, who was last portrayed by Thomas Ian Griffith in The Karate Kid III, this was effectively a set up for Season 4. He was one of the original founders of the Cobra Kai dojo, along with Kreese. After Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence joined their dojos, and their charges will fight Kreese’s recruits at the All Valley High conference, three decades after the 1984 showdown between Daniel and Johnny that ended the first film with that fateful crane kick, Kreese was looking for a secret weapon. And, as the trailer above teases, Thomas Ian Griffith will return to the franchise in full force.

“Now the true suffering begins,” Cobra Kai writers and co-executive producers Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg said in a statement released by Netflix. “We’ve been meticulously organizing the proper moment to unleash Cobra Kai dojo co-founder Terry Silver back into the universe since the beginning of the series,” they continued. That time has come. We can’t wait for everyone to see Thomas Ian Griffith’s triumphant comeback to the franchise.”

Yes, you can count on a lot of discomfort. Silver has a knack for poisoning the brains of people who cross his path, and Daniel LaRusso is no exception. Hopefully, Daniel has learned his lesson about avoiding the dark side after what happened with Miguel and Robby a few years ago. Whatever the case, it’s sure to be an enormous showdown, and since the action’s going back to All Valley in Season 4, that would also be an ideal time for the show to answer this significant question that the show has yet to address. Make it happen, Netflix.
Cobra Kai‘s Season 4 release date remains under wraps, for the moment.

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