The New Track From Bobby Lewis Emphasizes The Necessity Of Acknowledging God

Music fans recognize him as a multi-talented vocalist and drummer who carries on his father, famed jazz pianist Ramsey Lewis, Jr.'s, colorful legacy.

I’m a Worshipper” is the much-anticipated debut solo EP from contemporary urban gospel musician Bobby Lewis and it is well worth the wait.

The EP was produced by Percy Bady, an award-winning music producer, and musician, for Entertainment One (EOne) and Indie Blu Distribution. The third single from the EP’s five songs is “The Throne.” With his delightful new flavor of the contemporary urban gospel, Lewis personifies the bright example of a joyful worshipper on it, which will have listeners moving and praising to the beat. Music fans recognize him as a multi-talented vocalist and drummer who carries on his father, famed jazz pianist Ramsey Lewis, Jr.’s, colorful legacy. He sat with rolling out recently to discuss his new music and more.

What made you write this song?
From intimate to plutonic partnerships, we all have periods when we feel challenged. We have a difficult time navigating through those feelings. Like the one who sits on the throne, I wrote this song to portray the decision that we should choose, which is love. We should love one another, according to the hymn. Racial justice, racial injustice, and social injustice are all issues that we are currently grappling with in terms of how we should act to one another and to humankind.

Why do people really need to recognize, whether in a relationship or life, what unconditional love truly is?
The love that you give someone is free of any obligation of how they should respond to that love. Love is given and it is shared without expecting one to give you something back. What we have found love to be or tried to make love be, is transactional. I give you love and now I expect you to give me something in return. Love is not transactional.

If love is being looked for in other people, instead of the love of God, how does that play out in this song?
It is exactly that. We try to move away from that transactional expression of love. When we get into a relationship, we have an expectation of our significant other to be the one who makes you happy, brings joy into your life, and your everything. We identify that in a relationship, we have faults, and we’re not going to be perfect. The only one that’s perfect is God.

There’s a bit of a joke here when you realize that God’s love is endlessly forgiving because we all have flaws that he can forgive. When our relationship expectations aren’t met, we should forgive others, but also forgive ourselves for having those expectations in the first place.

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