North West Trolls Kim Kardashian With A Performance Of Her SNL Rap

We hear and witness Kim's Saturday Night Live rap performance on the massive screen not long after.

One thing is certain: North West is undeniably Kanye West’s daughter. The small celebrity youngster openly expresses herself and continues to do so! Mama Kim Kardashian is the only one who hears (and survives) her rants on a regular basis. Kim just witnessed North perform her SNL rap song, and it was a hilarious experience! Kim shared a sneak peek of how her kids were celebrating her 41st birthday on her Instagram Story. Kim’s birthday was apparently celebrated at home by North, Saint, and a few other kids. The youngsters are gathered in what appears to be the living room, and they appear to be having a good time.

We hear and witness Kim’s Saturday Night Live rap performance on the massive screen not long after. North moves around the room, acting out the words from the video. Kim rapped, “I know you young gals ain’t laughing at me.” “Just so you know, I wasn’t sleeping.” Why are you concerned about me? I was resting my eyes. But now that I’m awake,…” North nearly finishes the clip by pretending to fall asleep in order to match her mother’s excitement on the screen. North’s movements are all stiff and choppy, but the action discussed is 100 percent correct. Meanwhile, Kim appears tickled by North’s outgoing personality and recreation of her video. As North finished her dance, she was heard laughing and giggling.

Fortunately, this isn’t the first or last time. North West is said to have previously let Kim have it. Kim appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” for a segment of “Mom Confessions,” when she revealed the cruelest thing North had ever said to her. When North is furious, she is said to slam her fist onto Kim’s home decor. “Your house is so terrible, it’s all white, who lives like this?” she’s said before to your mother. “She thinks that like gets to me,” Kim said, “and it’s kind of mean because I like my place.”

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