Ryan Clark, An NFL Analyst, Is Exposed By An Online Troll Who Uses The N-word In His DMs, But He Responds In A Classy Manner

Trolls are still trolling.

The internet continues to be a place where the toxic can hide their identities in the hopes of never being discovered. ESPN analyst Ryan Clark, on the other hand, is one of the athletes and ex athletes working to alter that.

On his Instagram profile, the former NFL safety recently published racist and homophobic direct messages (DMs). A user named @realty realtor sent the NSFW language after Clark was accused of using the N-word and making homophobic slurs.

Trolls are still trolling.

Furthermore, the individual trolling Clark sought to touch a sore spot for him by bringing up his and the Steelers’ Super Bowl loss to the Green Bay Packers in 2011.

Clark, on the other hand, responded with a polite response: “God bless you and yours.” “I wish you would live forever.”

Clark then posted a screenshot of the DM and poked fun at the individual who attempted to victimize him, as well as a touching tongue-in-cheek mic drop about racism still being alive and strong.

“At the very least, Green Bay fans, go put a picture up!!” This isn’t even entertaining. Sheesh!! Isn’t it fortunate that racism doesn’t exist? ”

Ubiquity of Broadcast

Clark, a well-known ESPN analyst, has established himself as one of the industry’s rising stars.

ESPN re-signed Ryan Clark to a multi-year contract in February. It expanded the Super Bowl champion’s relationship with the network, which started in 2015.

Clark, a former Pro Bowl safety, appears on many shows and platforms throughout the year, especially during the NFL’s most important annual events, such as the Super Bowl, Draft, free agency, and training camp. He also appears on SportsCenter with SVP every week after “Monday Night Football,” “Get Up,” and “NFL Live”; no wonder the trolls despise him.

NFL Hall of Famer

Following the 2014 season, Clark called it a day after a 13-year NFL career. During his NFL career, though, the Louisiana native won Super Bowl XLIII, two AFC Championships (2008 and 2010), and was selected a Pro Bowler (2011).

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