Billie Eilish Releases A Dark Video For Her Vulnerable Single “Male Fantasy”

The other day I was talking about how ridiculous and unrealistic porn is so much of the time," Eilish said.

Billie Eilish’s album Happier Than Ever includes a number of moments when she gets incredibly intimate, and one of them is “Male Fantasy,” in which she talks about her connection with pornography. Eilish has now given the song a chance to shine by releasing a new video for it.
“Home alone, tryin’ not to eat / Distract myself with pornography / I detest the way she looks at me / I can’t take the dialogue, she would never be / That satisfied, it’s a male fantasy / I’m going back to therapy,” Eilish sings in the first line of the song.

“The other day I was talking about how ridiculous and unrealistic porn is so much of the time,” Eilish said of the song in a September interview with Vice. The world of porn is unrealistic, sexist, and completely absurd. I decided that talking openly about pornography in a song would be a good idea because it’s an awkward subject to discuss. Pornography can make you feel both violated and good, and this discussion turned into a song. We struggled to compose it because we wanted it to be as open and honest as possible. Right now, it’s challenging for me to be vulnerable, honest, and open about my life.

I find it much simpler to write about my history and how I used to feel, to find a new perspective on something that happened to me, and to remove myself from a situation, when I write about my past and how I used to feel. Because it’s difficult to process what I’m going through right now, I don’t generally write about it. So this was partly about expressing my feelings. It was difficult, rewarding, revealing, and exposing, as well as wonderfully relieving.”

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