Italian Woman Found Dead & Seated At Table For Two Years In Mummified State

Beretta's death, and assumed solitude, have prompted Italians to reckon with the country's loneliness crisis.

After an Italian woman was discovered dead and mummified at a table for more than two years, better care for the elderly is being called for. The woman, named as Marinella Beretta, had no living relatives, according to authorities.

Beretta’s neighbors hadn’t seen her in at least two and a half years, since September 2019. They presumed she relocated during the coronavirus outbreak. Beretta’s bones were discovered inside her Prestino home, which is located in Northern Italy near Lake Como in Lombardy. Officials went to Beretta’s residence to warn her and her neighbors about severe winds in the area, according to reports. Lake Como Mayor Mario Landriscina has requested that all locals attend Beretta’s funeral.

All costs will be covered by the local government. According to a national statistics institute research from 2018, approximately 40% of Italians over the age of 75 live alone. “What happened to Marinella Beretta in Como, the neglected loneliness, strikes our consciences,” says family minister Elena Bonetti in response to the terrible revelation. As a community that wants to be together, we have a responsibility to honor her life… no one should be left alone.”

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