Reasons Behind the Success of Amusement Parks

Amusement parks, in the past few years, have come forward as a terrific way to recharge the spirits and take a holiday from the hectic schedule. They are emerging as one of the most popular destinations to take a break from hustle and bustle of life and spend some time relaxing and enjoying rides, fairs, and other activities. Almost everyone desires to visit Disneyland or Universal Studios at least once. But here the question is what makes an amusement park so intriguing? This article discusses the determinants of the success of amusement parks. 

·  Capital

Capital contributes majorly to every production line which plays a significant role in the amusement parks industry. It is the amount of capital invested on which the amount of profits is dependent. The more facilities along with a theme park are provided, the more revenue is generated by an amusement park. The manufacturing, operation, and maintenance of rides, food outlets, shopping complexes, and other features or equipment are costly, and thus, to stay in the amusement parks industry one needs capital in large amounts. 

  • Authenticity

As a trait, the term ‘authenticity’ is referred to anything genuine rather than fabricated or replicated. Authenticity has been a significant idea in tourist research and continues to play a vital role in the theme park sector. It is essential to connect authenticity to the activities so that tourists get more involved during their visits. Thus, it can be said that it is a must for the theme park planners to emphasize the authentic elements in the theme park products for its success.

  • Intellectual Property

A spectacular ride experience along with enjoying favorite fiction characters and franchises is what visitors in the amusement parks desire. It is when intellectual property comes into the picture. Franchise loyalty is added through movies, series, toys, cartoons, or music. Even if original intellectual property is created by a park, efforts should be made to commercialize it. It is IP that offers a new level of connectivity for the visitors to the rides. 

  • Every Age Group

Amusement parks are often thought of as being primarily for children. This is true to some extent, but it is not wise to assume that everything in such parks is designed for youngsters. If adults do not enjoy spending their time there, then there is less chance that they will bring the kids again. Therefore, theme parks are designed not only for children but for all age groups. 

  • Location 

Location is a significant factor affecting the success of amusement parks. The facility needs to be accessible to large numbers of people and should be located not too far off the beaten path or too far from the transportation means. 


After going through this article, the contribution of the above-mentioned factors to the success of an amusement park can be easily evaluated. Apart from these determinants, licensing the park’s brand overseas, and developing on-site hotels, resorts, and recreation areas can also majorly contribute to the success of the theme parks.

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