Finding the Right Accent Chair for Your Living Room

Several factors tie into decorating your home, from the space available to the color of walls to your design style or flooring type and color. Take into consideration the following elements when purchasing accent chairs.

There’s nothing more exciting than decorating your house! With so many options available, it may feel overwhelming. Recent trends show us it doesn’t have to be difficult, but instead, decorating can be a pleasure or turn into a new hobby. Mixing different styles and colors is encouraged, and you won’t need to buy everything new to make the pieces work together. The more variety in style, the more interesting your home will be, but make sure you have some common traits among items you purchase.

Mor offers a variety of styles with its accent chairs. Scrap the boring chair that hardly anyone uses or talks about and bring in something refreshing from our array of chairs. With so many options, you may need a starting point on choosing the best piece of furniture for your home. Below are four elements to consider when looking at decorating your house.

How to Mix and Match Upholsteries and Colors

Don’t battle between comfort and fashion, because Mor can provide you with both. Several factors tie into decorating your home, from the space available to the color of walls to your design style or flooring type and color. Take into consideration the following elements when purchasing accent chairs.


When mixing and matching colors, you want to look for complementary hues. Picking a color scheme will make it easier to tie in pieces to your home. Looking at a color wheel will help determine the best shades to place in your home. Consider looking into color palettes. For example, navy pairs well with orange, aquas, pinks, yellows, and beiges. Reds and pinks are a perfect pairing, but adding some gray, navy, or beige will make your home pop with color.

A solid neutral-colored chair can be turned into a conversational piece by adding a red and white chevron pillow or a solid navy throw blanket. You could also use your upholstered seats as the focal point. For example, the Bennett Accent Chair in Light Green is a solid light green chair paired with an orange and bright pink floral designed throw pillow. It would also stand out while sitting on top of a blue rug with a lined pattern because the green complements the blue and will demand attention. The light green will also work great with a wood-grained shelf. The earthy tones of the wood grain will make the light green burst with color in the forefront.

Looking for accent hues is essential to finding style choices. Color options are endless and crucial in planning your home décor.


Mixing patterns is essential. You’ll want to pick a focal item within the home. This focal item may range from the couch to drapes to a fireplace or your flooring. You may have a floral rug incorporating navy, pink, green, white, and maroon. A polka-dotted maroon pillow or a solid navy set of drapes would tie into the rug’s color scheme. It’s perfectly acceptable and encouraged to have fun with patterns.

Using a variety of shapes also helps with design options. Having straight lines throughout the house may prompt you to introduce some circles on throw blankets, drapes, or a rug. Chevrons may be mixed with squares. The combining of shapes helps bring guests’ attention to other elements in the room.


Textures are also important when considering home décor. A neutral leather accent chair pairs well with a delicate red throw blanket. Consider mixing smooth materials with raised textures, such as embroidered pillows, shag rugs, or tasseled drapes. Rustic decorations or indoor plants can act as accent pieces. Natural materials such as wood, metal, or ceramic can impact the type of accent chair you purchase.


Lastly, combining different styles may be intimidating, but it makes for a great focal piece. Modern accent chairs may be combined with more popular styles such as rugged or traditional designs. Mixing cottage style with Boho design styles will spark an exchange between you and guests. This blend of style will open options to future decorations as well. Whether you are into modern, traditional, or country, Mor has style options for you.

Bold vs. Neutral

Combining bold and neutral colors is frightening. Homes usually have one or the other, but rarely both. You can mix bold and neutral using versatile pieces. Step away from the comfort of common materials without having to compromise comfort. Adding various colors allows you to upgrade your current style easily throughout the year.

Bold Options

Bold colors can be scary, but the effort they can make a room come to life. Incorporating versatile pieces is always an excellent way to start small such as pillows, throws, bedding, or drapes. The changes will be noticeable and sophisticated when the colors aren’t glaringly bright.

Mor’s Lucy Accent Chair in Navy is a prime example of a pop of color. This button-backed modern design fits perfectly into a white coastal style décor. It works well with reds, yellows, and grays as well. It provides the perfect spot for extra seating while providing sophisticated style options.

The Bennett Accent Chair in Light Green offers a wood frame that showcases the vibrant color to make it a focal point in the house. It will become a conversation piece among visitors. This modern accent chair will pop in a room that has shades of blue or gray.

Neutral Options

You may prefer more subtle neutral colors with a wider variety of styles. With so many types of accent chairs, you’ll be able to mix styles without sacrificing neutral tones. The classic earthy colors allow greater possibilities with your décor style.

The Rachel Chair in Omega Mist is ideal for those who prefer a variety of choices when decorating their home. This accent chair comes with a throw pillow to spruce your interior look. Changing other accents in your house is easy with this chair. It comes in Omega Mist (light beige) and Hedgey Pepper (gray and black). Regardless of your choice, it makes decorating easy!

If you’re looking for more earthy colors, the Greaves Chair in Driftwood is a perfect choice. With shades of stone and driftwood, your home will feel warm and welcoming. Create the best living space by adding this comfortable armchair or a reading nook with its cushioned seat. This casual piece works well with bright colors or in a serene space.

Mor offers delivery options to fit your needs. Any piece of furniture you order with Mor will have the white glove delivery, where our team delivers and sets up your furniture. We won’t leave you with the mess because the service includes removing any packing material from your home. Mor asks you to clear out the area where you’d like the furniture to be set up. Delivery is offered seven days a week to fit your schedule. Out of the local area, a surcharge will occur. You can pick up items from the warehouse free of charge if you prefer. At Mor, we want you to be satisfied with our products and services.

Don’t hesitate to bring life to your home with Mor. With a wide selection of products, you’re sure to find the perfect set. Mor emphasizes comfort with plenty of fashion.

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