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Posting a Profile

We’re proud of’s contributors and want a click from your byline to showcase your qualifications. This is no time to hide your light under a barrel – tell us everything you’ve published – ok maybe top 5 – brag about awards, contests you’ve won, boards you sit on, relevant work experience (with regard to what you’re writing about) and anything else that polishes your pedigree. Boast about what makes you the expert worth trusting above and beyond the mass of other impostors

So, not that we want to tell you what to do, but we’d both look better if you included:

  • Your industry and subject-specific experience
  • The names of publications you’ve written for
  • The years you’ve worked in the field
  • Your academic degrees or certificates
  • Relevant credentials, awards, and associations
  • And sites on the Web where your work is on view such as your personal website or blog.

Don’t discuss private details – your marital status, names of children, where you live, secret dreams and ambitions – this is Facebook material and while we know you have a life outside the site, we’re more interested in your career profile than your social one. Think of this page as a version of LinkedIn for freelance journalists of every stripe.

Down the road, we’d like to reward you for sharing stories offsite through your social network – re-Tweet it, update your Facebook page, digg it, link to it from your blog, you get the picture. We’d also like to know if you think a story is trendworthy (gathering traffic) and of course if you want to recruit someone for

Anyway, enough of about you – back to the matter at hand… reporting the news. For some help in this department, check out our A-Z on the subject, namely our guidelines. Still need help? No worries, we’ve got a step-by-step tutorial. Want to see what other contributors are saying? Visit the forum. Other than that… the world is your newsroom.

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