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Who Should Apply?

The Urban Twist’s members are the crowd that powers our news — a diverse international group of writers, journalists, photographers, videographers and news junkies who report, discover and share news that matters. Through eyewitness stories, photographs, and videos our global network of members is inventing the next generation of online news.

Unlike traditional news organizations, The Urban Twist enables you to participate in the news-making process as:

  • subject experts who have gleaned niche knowledge in their professions (academics, managers, business owners), but want to share info in off time with the layperson;
  • stay-at-home or retired experts who have taken a temporary or recent leave, but are still in the loop and ideal mentors to the general public;
  • Web-savvy undergrad students or recent alumni looking to translate education into audience for career gain;
  • proficient, niche hobbyists with a depth of experience and personal examples to bring to bear on current events;
  • fan community “buzz builders” who have earned a following due to their breadth of knowledge and witty commentary on particular aspects of popular culture;
  • print media journalists who have a wealth of experience, but have been laid off in the recession and are looking to retrain for the Web;
  • YouTube or other video site high-performers/posters who have a keen eye for audience-friendly and well-produced material précised for bots & viewers;
  • Flickr or other photograph-centric frequent publishers with skills sourcing, composing and captioning the best photos to accompany text;
  • social networking conversationalists and trend-spotters and setters who can anticipate the interests of curious browsers and answer questions before they’re asked.

Not a member yet? Learn more about joining TheUrbanTwist.com and getting paid to publish articles!

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